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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Pfizer seeks full FDA approval for Covid vaccine, crunching the numbers on Covid vaccinations in the U.S., and Derek Chauvin indicted on federal civil rights charges.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:04 Pfizer Seeks Full FDA Approval
05:35 New Charges In George Floyd’s Trial
08:39 Hiring Struggles
12:30 India’s Covid Catastrophe
16:34 Texas Town Diversity Plan Defeat
19:18 Inspiring America: Happy Mother’s Day

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14 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 7th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News”
  1. I am sick to death of the news giving sooo much air time to employers whining because they can't hire enough employees. Pay them more. Increase the incentives. Don't just whine about it. If you can't get people to work for you during a pandemic – after you, you know, laid them all off during same – then sweeten the pot. Everyone is reopening and workers can be choosy. So stand out. Sell potential employees on the merits of the job. Make the hours, pay, and benefits worth taking. That's how capitalism works, isn't it?

  2. With all the violence I’ve suffered from people, I’m more than happy to isolate myself. It’s the only peace I get.

  3. I can't imagine being a black man or a black female in this country the racism as soon as you step outside it's all racist I see racist when I go to the grocery store I see races when I did a drink of water I still like how we have segregation and grocery stores stupid America wake up

  4. there is a wesite called that stands for Millions Against Medical Mandates…..Rumble, Bitchute and Brand New Tube have uncensored News….Video: Plandemic parts 1 and 2

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  6. You know what will end racism remind everyone that we are all under the same nuclear threat the same as 50 yrs ago I'll be 50 this year show everyone what a 50 megaton can do

  7. Death to Critical Race Theory & Reverse Racism. Finally standing up to this political agenda BS disguised as “social justice”

  8. “Every discerning eye clearly sees that the early stages of this chaos have daily manifestations affecting the structure of human society; its destructive forces are uprooting time-honored institutions which were a heaven and refuge for the inhabitants of the earth in bygone days and centuries and around which revolved all human affairs. The same destructive forces are also deranging the political, economic, scientific, literary, and moral equilibrium of the world and are destroying the fairest fruits of the present civilization. Political machinations of those in authority have placed the seal of obsolescence upon the root- principles of the world’s order. Greed and passion, deceit, hypocrisy, tyranny, and pride are dominating features afflicting human relations. Discoveries and inventions, which are the fruit of scientific and technological advancements, have become the means and tools of mass extermination and destruction and are in the hands of the ungodly. Even music, art, and literature, which are to represent and inspire the nobles sentiments and highest aspirations and should be a source of comfort and tranquility for troubled should, have strayed from the straight path and are now the mirrors of the soiled hearts of this confused unprincipled and disordered age. Perversions such as these shall result in the ordeals which have been prophesied by the Blessed Beauty, Baha’u’llah (The promised one), in the following words: ‘Every day a new calamity will seize the earth and a fresh tormenting trial will appear’. “the day is approaching when its (civilization’s) flame will devour the cities.”

    “In such an afflicted time when mankind is bewildered and wisest of men are perplexed as to the remedy, the people of Baha who have confidence in His unfailing Grace and Divine Guidance are assured that each of these tormenting trials has a cause, a purpose, and a definite result and all are essential instrument for the establishment of immutable Will of God on earth. In other worlds on the one hand humanity is struck by the scourge of His chastisement which will inevitably bring together the scattered and vanquished tribes of the earth; and on the other, the weak few whom He has nurtured under the protection of his loving guidance are, in this formative age and period of transition, continuing to build amidst these tumultuous waves an impregnable stronghold which will be the sole remaining refuge for those lost multitudes. Therefore, the dear friends of God who have such a broad and clear vision before them are not perturbed by such events, nor are they panic- stricken by such thundering sounds, nor will they face such convulsions with fear and trepidation, nor will they be deterred, even for a moment, from fulfilling their sacred responsibilities. “One of their sacred responsibilities is to exemplify in their lives those attributes which are acceptable at His Sacred Threshold.”
    (Compilations, Lights of Guidance, p. 126)-Bahá’í’ Faith

  9. I admire school boards. I am not sure if those exist in Mexico or Brazil. Racism is a sixth toe on a foot. People have to recognize it is strange.

  10. The fact that they are trying to make you work 35 to 40 + hours a week and make less money that you can live in is the problem.

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