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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Russia has expelled two German diplomats from the nation. The move in response to a German court sentencing a Russian national to life in prison over the murder of a Chechen nationalist in the country. This, as rhetoric and accusations continue to swirl between NATO and Russia on the issue of Ukraine, Germany’s defense minister declaring that Russia would not dictate terms to NATO—over what Russia sees as the alliance’s expansionist policy. George Szamuely—writer and Senior Fellow at the Global Policy Institute in London and conservative radio host Steve Gruber weigh in. (1:07) There’s a growing arms retailer that may surprise a lot of people—Canada. At least when it comes to Israel, the Canadians have grown their exports in 2020 to about $15 million US dollars, only second to the US. When called out on this fact on social media, on Canadian diplomatic representative denied this fact and called the journalist who reported it—a liar. That journalist, Director of the Electronic Intifada and author Ali Abunimah joins In Question to explain. (13:25)

00:00 – FULL SHOW
01:07 – Russia expells 2 German diplomats
13:25 – Canada becomes a growing arms retailer

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20 thoughts on “NATO Rhetoric Rises as Russia expels German diplomats (Full Show)”
  1. Who in the HELL would chose death for their nation?? The CB’s want a war to distract from what they want to do.

  2. What really frightens me…there are Russian Troops on…Eerrr!…Russia's Border…be afraid world…be very very afraid. Mr America there twisting the facts.

  3. The people of the West should look up the U.S. operation Phoenix in the Vietnam war. They will then know real murder in massive quantity.

  4. The majority of the rest of the world are sick of the US & the West of their bullying and hypocrisy. The US has already surrounded China with military bases and its now trying to surround Russia.

  5. 1. Kabbalist wars: The NWO is trying to fulfill the Gaon of Vilna (Jewish kabbalist) prophecy, that states that a war in Ukraine will happen before the coming of their Mashiah (antichrist).
    Hope Putin would be wise enough, not to fall into the NWO false prophecy.
    The EU armies are not match for the russian army.
    Most likely NATO will back down

  6. Where eventually going to get nuclear war cause the western imperialist colonizers have there head up there ass u can't keep on provoking people.

  7. Why not Russia put nuclear missile in Latin America and see what US do, maybe other country can follow US putting missiles in few countries.

  8. I have to agree with this guy 100 percent.. I don't understand why NATO can't see what the problem is here.. president Putin is only trying to protect his country and his people.. let's go back to 1962 when the United States found out that Russia was bringing in missiles into Cuba, what did our country do.. The United States responded fast and put a blockade so the Russians could not get through.. and we came very close to a nuclear war.. in the end it was Russia that went home empty handed.. this is the same thing president Putin is trying to do right now to protect his country.. NATO and the United States need to come to the table and talk and if that means making some changes to avoid a war then that's what needs to be done.. but it's both sides that need be flexible not just one..

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