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NATO backs Russia into corner; Putin may deploy nuclear weapons

Russia has condemned the flow of what it describes as “aggressive rhetoric” coming from American officials. The White House continues to allege—Moscow is ‘planning an offensive’ on its neighbor Ukraine—citing Russian troop movements near the Ukrainian border. But the Kremlin insists it can move its troops wherever it wants on its own territory—and doesn’t have any invasion plans whatsoever. RT’s Saskia Taylor reports. Then Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof and Former UK MP George Galloway weigh in.

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  • Philippe Leban

    What place has the media to side with the Biden administration. That is not their job. Their job is to hear both sides and not take sides. So essentially this guy is admitting that the media is an extension of tte narrative of the Biden government. Wow.

  • Isreal Mendez

    I also think United States can't beat China and they're fucking with Russia maybe Russia should turn around and show show some force And put the pentagon to stop fucking around because at the end ala lot of people gonna lose China China is 10 years ahead of the US the US but the US doesn't know it it's guaranteed they are I would myself prepare myself myself for 10 years If I had someone like the pentagon fuck with me don't forget the bully adienne loses because the punk We'll turn around and slice its throat

  • TryingTo Correct

    putins logic: It (Russia) can move its military wherever it wants inside its land, but other countries cannot move their groups/military equipments inside THEIR land. logical?? ohh, huhhh…. nah.

    again putins child logic…

  • Neil Hewer

    Russia has no choice but to put missiles in Europe and so it should Deploy them there and deployment Cuba I'm in Cuba and deployum In Venezuela That should keep Yankee a good warning because Yankee runs nato tells nato what to do because it is its specials so Russia is Russia should put him in Europe as well as Cuba and as well as in Venezuela

  • nikolas bee

    Ukraine is not a member of NATO. and they are trying to poke their nose in this. Well done america. What the public see is someone taking opportunity, or creating opportunity by spicing up the issue so they can sell arms/weapons to Ukraine. $$$$$$$$$$

  • Markus98h

    I hate putin and russia regime, but I support them deploy Nuclear in Europe. I think the west should place nuclear along the border, so should russia do back. Because when we have nuclear so close pointing at each other, both sides will know that a nuclear attack is the end. Leaders are too coward to die, so for me, nuclear bomb seems like peace.

  • Darrell Hayward

    For of awesome show ya just brilliant guest with nothing but truth gotta like that ty my beautiful spirit sister's n spirit brother's 🌳🌱❤3

  • Nikita Khazov

    I'm so so so done with the USA I'm trying to get my Russian citizenship renewed via dual citizenship in Moscow I'm trying to visit moscow if my visit goes well I plan to live in Moscow I don't like what the USA is doing so much and I'm trying to get someone to send me back to moscow in 2022. Best regards Nikita.K

  • Enviro Greenhouse

    donald trump & joe biden is the WORST, WORST, WORST president in the history of america……… both are making u.s. instead of america first to america last and america better is making america WORST………………. hahaha and very pathetic ……….

  • SeaLife TT

    If the world ends tomorrow i will know Mr Putin had no choice but to retaliate .So be it!Just make it quick.I really dont want to live in a nuclear apocalypse no matter how fun games and movies make it seem

  • Terry Adams

    @Ryabkov, "legal security guarantees" from the USA is a JOKE. The US has a long history of violating international law (look at the illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq, among many examples), so WHY would "legal security guarantees from the US mean ANYTHING to you, sir?

  • Allan dyer

    If American deploys one attack rocket on Russia take to your bunkers American will become the scorched
    Earth on this planet. Ie. Japan of World War Two

  • Elbert Lee

    The 60 million USD military aids to Ukraine is unnecessary. The US is broke it needs to borrow money for itself and will be bankrupt if the debt limit is not raised. The money is better used for the victims of the recent tornadoes that had damaged six states.

  • Eric Jarvie

    All this proves is that NATO is beyond the control of the politicians and the people…It has no intention of provoking war because it will cowardly have someone else do that. .and if you have been following the COVID protests then take note it's NATO and it's western aligned nations that have the most vociferous and at times most violent protests…The militaristic approach to all matters from NATO and that includes an complete lack of empathy when it comes to dealing with an illness…!!

  • Patrick Lambert

    American treaties are always done to calm an inflamed situation. Their goal is always hegemony. They will continue until they destroy Russia, or force Russia into submission.
    Russia will have to fight on many fronts in order to stay independent. NATO is jealous of the respect that Putins receives in the world. NATO'S actions are calculated to make Putin look like he is the evil man. The true devil is NATO. The world sees them as clowns.

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