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Most of the dead Astroworld Festival victims were in one highly packed area | Visual Forensics

At least seven of the 10 dead after Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival were clustered in a small area enclosed on three sides by metal barriers that became dangerously crowded, according to a Washington Post investigation. The review — based on dozens of videos examined for when and where each was taken, interviews with witnesses, and an analysis by crowd experts — reveals how a crowd surge at a performance by Scott turned one pocket of the audience into an epicenter of chaos and distress.

Ten fans at the Nov. 5 concert in Houston died and dozens more were injured, making it one of the most deadly concerts in the nation’s history. The Post found that most of those who died were close to each other in the viewing area’s south quadrant, where witnesses described people collapsing under the pressure of the crowd. Three concertgoers who died appeared unconscious in a pile of other fallen fans in the south quadrant only 16 minutes into the show, according to a video reviewed by The Post. The concert continued for nearly another hour. In parts of the tightly compressed area where many of the dead were concentrated, there were as little as 1.85 square feet per person, according to an analysis done by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University for The Post. At that density, people are amid a crowd that is at risk of dangerously collapsing in on itself, two crowd science experts said.

The Post’s reconstruction of the night’s events, including details evident in exclusively obtained videos, also underscores unanswered questions about how long the concert was allowed to continue after fans already were pleading for help and receiving emergency care. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  • Paul Walsh

    All i hope is from now on these singers are held accountable along with all the other agents and companies involved. And also from now on travis/drake and anyone else involved can't hold a concert unless new measures are put in place and if he doesn't stop another concert then he should be banned from holding anymore.

  • MasterDon

    This makes me furious i can’t watch anymore Travis mate you need to be held accountable you had to chance to stop it all but kept going on with the show I guess $$$$ is more important 😭

  • Whisper Mint

    1:021:10 my heart breaks every time I hear more about this. Beyond sad. I wish somebody did something.
    All the people who entered with out tickets should feel beyond guilty. They definitely contributed to this. People need to be held accountable for this, not just Travis but all the people who are accountable and involved.
    Security guards are saying they weren’t prepared but literally anyone can call 911 and emergency response. People don’t care until it’s too late. Period.

  • Quiero Cake

    This is so sad… the end is near I hope all those young people worship god instead of this signers they all they do it’s hurt them… I know a lot of lives will be transformed after this.

  • Michael Taylor

    1st there should have never been a countdown clock hypnosis tool 2) the metal railing should have been break away and not rope together by untrained security 3) these humans should have never Pigpened in crush zones with very little egress 4) that many victims in area on bothsides of stage where like drowning victims gasping for air, panicking,pull each other down trying to get up or stay standing 5) the square footage alone within each pigpen would have never held 50k let alone a 100k

  • Raechelyn Dawn

    My son was supposed to go… I had scheduled him an important dental appointment weeks earlier 5-hours from Houston. Thank God for that dental appointment.

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