►Minecraft But The Ores Are OP Structures…
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@Bionic – Minecraft, But The Ores Are Structures…


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In today’s Minecraft Challenge… You can find structures in one block as ores in this world! These OP structures can be entered inter-dimensionally and contain OP items! Can we beat Minecraft with these new OP structure ores? Like and subscribe to help us get Trending #1! Let’s do this!

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16 thoughts on “Minecraft, But Every Ore Spawns OP Structures…”
  1. where did you get ender pearls from Because you did not loot any bastion or trade for ender pearls neither you killed an Ender man
    From where the hell did you get EnderPearls from

  2. so i think this is the same world that bionic did this cause he rly exploded a gold temple and found hidden treasure, and the portal was full, also there was fire on the four sides of the bedrock and Quiff got 27 levels wich is a sign that the dragon being respawned

  3. why can't you ever come up with your own content? It is always something from bionic or from some other YouTuber. This is why I unsubscribed because you never have any original content

  4. Notice how there was a dragon egg when he was fighting the dragon me in visible confusion.

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