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Millions sign petition after truck driver gets 110-year sentence

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A truck driver was sentenced earlier this week to 110 years in prison for a 2019 crash that left four people dead and several others injured in Colorado. By Friday, more than 3 million people had signed a petition, asking Colorado Governor Jared Polis to grant clemency to Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, or commutation for time served. CBSN Denver’s Rick Sallinger reports.


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  • Nicolas Gonzalez

    I can't believe this 110 years for a accident really so there's no difference being a murderer and a working truck driver .

  • Mickey Mars

    Even if you do your job perfectly, you can lose your breaks for various reasons…

    Even if you use added precautions driving slower down hill it could happen…

    If prison is supposed to be for CRIMINALS how is it that some kind of accident ,oversight or issue that had zero intent of wrongdoing be a reason to incarcerate someone?

    Can someone that had no intent to commit a crime be rehabilitated in a setting where you are surrounded by criminals in a deadly prison system and you must adhere to prison politics and be treated like an animal by prison guards ….do not forget, prison offers absolutely nothing that even remotely is considered humane…

    This is just a means to revenge for an unfortunate accident

  • shirley montealegre

    THIS IS ABSOLUTE INJUSTICE AND THE COPS GOT LESS YEARS KILLING SOMEONE, Kyle Rittenhouse got no years and killed 2 people bringing guns to a protest. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!!

  • Jeremiah L

    He passed the runaway ramp, went from the side of the road back into traffic. If he would have stayed on the side of the road and smashed into the other truck on the side of the road, he likely wouldn't have been charged. He was negligent. Does he deserve 110 years? No. The judge should have ran his sentences concurrently but for some reason he was sentenced consecutively.

  • Jason Wells

    It's sad no matter how u look at it. Yeah brakes fail n that sucks. Sometimes there is nothing u can do about it. But check the trucking company records on maintenance of the truck see if the truck n driver kept updated records. 110 years is a bit much for an accident I think. If that is what it was.

  • Dom Fikowski

    No wonder we can't find enough truckers. They're apparently legally liable for the failures of the vehicles that cheap corporations manufacture with planned obsolescence.

  • Self Defense

    Why not fly planes directly into people houses? It would be faster, who cares about safety, it's all about doing what you want with no repercussions because your life and imagination is the most important thing on earth.

  • Zhu Baba

    This sentence is absurd. It was a tragedy and an accident, not a crime. The driver made a mistake. This is insane. Only a stupid jury and evil judge would do this.

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