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Millions of Americans leave workforce in "the Great Resignation"

Supply chain delays and the coronavirus pandemic have caused prices to skyrocket over the past year. The most recent data from the Labor Department shows the annual inflation rate is up 6.8% from the same time last year, but despite the price hikes, millions of people are quitting their jobs in search of new opportunities. Luke Pardue is the principal economist at the payroll platform Gusto. He spoke to Lana Zak about why so many Americans feel now is the time to quit.

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  • Randy R

    Society has parked their brains. I wish i could go back too work. Body will not let me. This makes no sense. On disability an after rent, have $215 a month to exist on. Try that

  • Ariel O Q

    Then they complain that the crossing border aliens take those jobs … They are the same ones who also complain that China takes jobs there when they don't take care of them in the USA …

  • Timmy Little

    People are just loving the government hand outs. Most of them can mow a lawn or fix a fence. And why should they, Joey will pay them to stay home.

  • Gary V

    All thanks to senile Joe Biden!! CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC & NY Times do NOT report REAL news anymore because they are hardcore Pro-Dem Political Operative Activists spewing HATE & Fear to Divide Americans!

  • Charles Dignam

    Many of the resignees are working as self employed and contract workers. They aren’t counted in unemployment numbers.
    More than half of all workers are not wage employees.

  • Marius M

    Not going to end anytime soon. The entire system has raped us , and taped us again. The center cannot hold and commensurate real life economics ignored for 40 years. 🇺🇸🦖☄ We are the extinction level events

  • Lp78Ch

    The real reason: Vaccine mandates. People are sick and tired of the nanny state. Joe Biden's ridiculous policies are antithetical to the American way. Nobody wants the government to be their mommy.

  • Person of No Color

    It’s funny how my friend applies to places, told they were going to get hired and they never even get a call back. Something fishy about this “labor shortage”. 🤔

  • Bayarea Grl4ever

    Let me tell you, I’m a hard working, dedicated worker. And I have had male employers sexually harass me, male and females treat me like crap and have been let me go for made up/fake reasons, I.e., saying I lied on my resume about my education just because they were too stupid to figure out how to look up my college degrees instead of just asking me. When I walked in with my framed degrees and awards for excellent grades the HR Director looked like a fool. Im tired of being treated like s**t and age discrimination (which is alive and well in Silicon Valley, CA) Hope I find a good place to work in 2022.

  • Bayarea Grl4ever

    I don’t feel sorry for employers. I’ve been trying to get a job for almost two years now and ZERO offers. College grad, long work history, increasing responsibility over the years. Yet places like Target, Traders Joes, Whole Foods, etc. (yes I’m desperate) all rejected my application without meeting me. Costco, Lowe’s, Home Depot totally ignored me. Kohls and Safeway want you to be totally available to them, but if they are paying so cheap and only part time people will need to find a second job. I don’t see how folks with young children or no child care have a chance. And what about people trying to go to school or if you have someone to care for at home? They only want to pay $14 an hour and part time anyway. So if they would stop being so greedy and discriminating because of age or the fact that you have college degrees then maybe they would find help. It makes me sick.

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