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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

Microsoft & Google Caught Illegally Selling User Data

Microsoft faces a class-action lawsuit for selling biometric data collected from unknowing Uber drivers. Meanwhile, Google is caught unlawfully sharing personal data obtained from millions of users, including children. Attorney Madeline Pendley explains how personal data is the most sought-after commodity in today’s mass surveillance marketplace.

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  • Walter Wachs

    "You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." – Albert Einstein / The climate science and meteorological communities, along with mainstream media and countless other agencies have long since completely sold out to the power structure. Countless individuals within these groups have committed themselves to what is nothing less than a total betrayal of populations around the globe and the entire web of life. The ongoing global climate engineering assault could not be more obvious or indisputable to anyone that does any objective investigation and has the courage to face reality. Yet, the so called "experts" continue to fortify the public denial of climate engineering by themselves adhering to the lie on the officially dictated blatant deception. Radio frequency signals leave a very clear and visible signature which is extremely recognizable. Radio frequency transmissions are utilized for manipulating weather systems, cloud formations, and jet stream patterns. The electrically conductive heavy metal nanoparticles (that are constantly being sprayed into our atmosphere by the geoengineers) are manipulated with the global grid of radio frequency transmitters controled by the weather makers. Square cloud formation are not the only indication of the climate engineering insanity, voids in cloud canopies are also a telltale sign of the ongoing manipulation. Nature does not make 90 degree corners in weather systems. The hazy wispy composition of many "clouds" are also a result of heavy atmospheric aerosol saturation. Unfortunately the vast majority of the population currently cannot distinguish between natural clouds and aerosolized artificial "cloud" cover. Global Dimming: A decrease in the amount of sunlight reaching the earth belived to be caused by pollution in the atmosphere. The Diming: Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary (Geoengineering Watch) https://youtu.be/rf78rEAJvhY / Patented processes of chemical nucleation for weather modification are a primary component of climate engineering programs. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/chemically-nucleated-winter-weather/ / Just Say No! https://thehighwire.com/watch/ /How to end corruption? https://moreequalanimals.com The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) released thousands of prevvious classified documents on unidentified flying objects (UFO). The documents were made available to the public on the Black Vault, an online archive of declassified government documents. What will happen next? / What Big Ag Doesn't Want You to Know: Small Farms Can Feed the World. According to a new peer-reviewed paper, "The Myth of a Food Crisis," corrupt philanthropic and academic sectors in agriculture and development perpetuate the lie that Big Ag is the only way to feed the world. By Jonathn Latham, PH. D. https://www.independentsciencenews.org/commentaries/agricultures-greatest-myth/ Japan plans to dump 1.2 Million Tons of contaminated Fukushima waste water into the Pacific Ocean. World Oceans! SeaSpiracy a documentry on Netflix / Spanish F L U https://www.grunge.com/210661/the-spanish-flu-was-worse-than-you-thought/ / Thrive https://www.thriveon.com/ / The CIA False Alien UFO Invasion Op Threat is comming in June 2021 – The Dark Journalist .,

  • Michael Richter

    Don't go class Action, sue individually….do it for your Children having been violated..
    Individual Lawsuits work, look up how Scientology became a Tax free Organization….

  • Ayatollah Sha’Nay-Nay

    What a shock. A comprehensive, real-time docier on every citizen has been one of the primary objectives of the technocratic agenda since Incutel (CIA venture capital investment front) bankrolled the development of LifeLog (FaceBook in beta) and DARPA-net years before that. I’ll need to check my sources, but I believe Mr. Brin and / or Mr. Page has documented intelligence ties. Which is why I thought it was hilarious when NSA was busted siphoning data off fiber optic lines* owned end-to-end by Google. Like, guys… you coulda just asked the Boss.

    *Legal infringements notwithstanding, this required some seriously LEET skillz to bleed this type of line without triggering signal attenuation alarms… then again, it didn’t last.

  • OnTheSpot

    No idea how Bill gates stayed out of jail all this time. He's a thief who never done anything in computer, a crook, a despicable person taking poor people around the world as guinea pig, bullying companies over the years to accept his virus magnet software

  • Kill Bill

    So all along it’s the American company that stealing data but the American government say it ok as long your not Chinese

  • hooksnubian

    These company's should be charged for receiving stolen property as well. If we the people are found in the possession of stolen property we are charged. Hold Microsoft & Google accountable as well as the buyers. I Bet that'll stop the B/S.

  • sivedan

    Wow, talk about criminals…..so if the criminals work for the military industrial complex, then "it's ok", talk about hypocrisy……i have no words for this…..

  • victor huynh

    US ban Huawei for allegation that China government can violate consumer privacy right in the US but Google and Microsoft actual violated the US consumer privacy information.

  • Steven Steven

    I think that people are too weak to return to real life now. They need their cell phones. They'll never know what real life is. But the more of you that they can get to join them?, the more bit coins that they gain in sadness country.

  • Amanda P

    Well…. this is going to keep happening in a monetized world.
    Abolish all monetary systems and adopt a resource based economy.
    Completely change the landscape that invites ever more exploitation for profits.

  • The idiot of usa

    Usa already is very reknown fir everything illegal
    After all its the usa dream for usa exceptionalism…..where everything illegal is legal

  • xx k

    Oh no who would've thought that Microsoft/Google or any other big company/app is selling the peoples data (rolls eyes)

  • Phillip

    Interesting. On one hand these companies made use of or selling data on the other hand People made use of the platform (Google, Twitter or Facebook) free of charge.

    What I like to learn or know; If people are charged for using the platform and their data are secured and not sold or use, will people still made use of these platform?

  • Hamant Keval

    The fines should be so high they think twice about doing this even better people in charge should get jail time as well.

  • Aadam Gardener

    There is hardly any other choice. Russian's ones are filled with porn and if you use their browser they have a section there in news "Hot picture of today". This all is no good for family life, maybe Russians are used to this indecency. The Chinese ones are mostly in Chinese language intended only for Chinese public and the ones in English even if you use the Chinese government spies on you, well so do almost all countries, at least they the Chinese don't hide from people what they do. They just go openly like one Muslim convert guy talked with his followers and said let's hangout as a group and discuss religion, when they reached there the Chinese cops were already there and said they can't have this meeting. The difference is Chinese spy and force people openly as CCP is Emperor of China while other countries spy and do sneaky way which is like keeping your farm animals happy and then to slaughter one day. I think Youtube and Alibaba are two great sites that help people around the world earn their living. Others should follow this example….And the Microsoft Windows, there is no alt to it. If you want job you need to learn apps that mostly only run on Windows. While windows is for free it comes with spy. Well in the end money is to be blamed. We need money and they need money too, a lot of it.

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