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Mayfield, Kentucky, mayor details devastating damage following severe storms

The mayor of Mayfield, Kentucky, said severe storms in her city have left many without power or water. She also detailed damage at a candle factory, which “completely collapsed.”

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  • Fried Mac

    December it's December. Global Warming is happening the Cost Will Be Substantial America.

  • Cal Wizzarak

    💎💈⚾♻💎🌟💎🔰💥🌀💗💎💗 God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life. If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead He will give you the free gift of eternal life He also promised to heal your body. (Look up at the sky and ask God)

  • Mary Miller

    I have never seen a Storm like that in my life it looks like a war zone . please people God 🙏 is trying to tell us something . Red State blue State we are all the same .our president is for everyone please stop hating on him . president Biden is a good man just give him a chance

  • Tuti Fruti

    It is more than obvious that USA needs to fund FEMA and climate change related prevention/rescue/recovery agencies, instead of pumping USD 778 billion into the DEFENSE budget on annual basis, to DEFEND themselves from imaginary enemies around the world that have no other business but to attack USA….OR…call it the military HUNT DOWN & ATTACK budget so your citizens know where their tax money is going. ❗❗❗❗❗❗

  • Steve Gooden

    We're never as strong, as we are until we have to be. Never Do as much, unless the need we see. Only give our best, when we fail at mediocrity. We Love rather than hate when we admit we're one humanity. We always give more, when compassion moves our heart with unbridled generosity. We Become more of our potential when we are made to see, that clearly our minds can believe in unfathomable possibilities, while seizing every opportunity, here in lies one's destiny.  More than our scars, higher than our stars, for in  our flaws are what defines our features, they're uniquely ours, as human creatures.
    We can run faster than on our slowest day. Reason better, and thinking it through all the way, regardless which direction our  emotions may sway. We can find our voice when speechless, our strong words with meekness and our Courage in weakness. Always patience not quickness. Silence for peace than loudness, quietness of fear, not hopeless, for time and effort  are equally unbiased. We are more than the stories we're told, we're the one's we write, each page unfold. We are the sum of our Lies and truth, fantasy, fiction, faith, and myths, no matter how uncouth. These are what shape us, our lives lived is the proof. We can be more right than wrong. More just than judge. More godlike than unlike. Reflecting Sunlight in our darkest night.
    Providing refuge. Never more alive until we die within and begin again. A Human Ark Divine in our human spark.

    Steven Gooden

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