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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz’s friend Joel Greenberg has accepted a plea deal on charges involved child trafficking and pledged to cooperate with the ongoing investigation. Gaetz has denied wrongdoing. CBS News’ Nikole Killion reports on the latest, and Politico’s Florida bureau chief Matt Dixon joins CBSN to discuss the potential fallout.

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22 thoughts on “Matt Gaetz's associate Joel Greenberg accepts plea deal in ongoing investigation”

  2. If Gaetz lies about election fraud, why would he not lie about his involvement in sex trafficking crimes?

  3. I bet most guys who support Matt Gaetz are guilty of the same thing but just haven’t been caught yet.

  4. "Naughty favours"? Why would Mr Gaetz trivialize a serious and distasteful crime which denies committing?

  5. New York Post is saying joe biden is proving to be even more of a "Master of Disaster" then president Jimmy Carter.

  6. Reminds me of seeing a dog getting run over while crossing the street for a receptive female on the other side. Testosterone-driven peril to the max. This is going to get real
    juicy from here.

  7. More gaslighting… see the part the fake news leaves out is that there is basically no relation between Gaetz and Greenburg. They probably met at a bar once or had kids in the same school. Total B.S.

  8. No worry. Tomorrow Matt Gaetz will go on interview with Fox News saying he doesn't know Joel Greenberg – Never met Greenberg. Then by Friday MAGA Trump will be sending out a message "from the Desk of Donald Trump" that he doesn't know Matt Gaetz and that he has never met Matt Gaetz anytime, anywhere. The whole thing was just a hoax created by Democrat.

  9. Before trump, just being associated with greenberg would've got you dropped by the Republican party. Now nothing matters. So that the people in the south will understand- y'all ain't follow'n the Christian ways.

  10. Joel Greenberg has sung like a Carnary and Matt Gaetz's checkbook and his self-entitled white privilege won't be able to help him – KARMA is truly working and justice is coming "Matti" Boi and knows where you live!!

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