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At least 124 people have died in freezing temperatures in Afghanistan in the past fortnight, Taliban officials say. 

About 70,000 livestock had also perished in what is the coldest winter in a decade, a State Ministry for Disaster Management spokesman said. 

Many aid agencies suspended operations in recent weeks after the Taliban banned Afghan women from working for non-governmental organisations. 

A Taliban minister said despite the deaths, the edict would not be changed. 

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20 thoughts on “Many dead as Afghanistan experiences coldest winters in years – BBC News”
  1. Why is that incompetent unwanted man running the country. I heard that after 20 years, if the Afghan men couldn’t keep the Taliban out, we needed to leave. Then the Taliban got a bunch of stuff Ukraine could be using. The Iranian women are in a similar position. At least they are fighting. I don’t blame Afghans- obviously you are gentle people. I’m hoping the Iranians and the Kurds come help you get rid of Taliban. Good luck 🍀

  2. Give Afghanistan nothing in terms of humanitarian aid until the country respects women, and makes them equal in rights to men. Do not release foreign held assets. Do not relax sanctions.

  3. Well at least with the women completely covered up per Taliban edict they're protected from the cold, who said the Taliban didn't care about the welfare of women. 🙃

  4. Why are countries that worship Allah poor? Why do they want to immigrate to Christian countries, the land of their enemies?

  5. Do you know what’s hilarious during the time of the prophet and the companions women where very prominent in healing the sick, being in war camps and looking after the injured, where in the market places etc. I have no clue what Fiqh books the Taliban are reading, I know what school of thought the Taliban follow but even I know, with little knowledge, it doesn’t teach for women to be at home forever and never to be seen in public 🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. I love how the comment section most likely from westerners whine and complain when they don’t live in places like Afghanistan 🤦🏾‍♂️. Be grateful for what you have westerners because soon it will be lost and you will cry to us and we won’t listen to you anymore 🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. 05:56 you let us access to your women and then we will provide aid
    – UN ( you can't make that up – putting a condition of live or die if you Afghans do not respect our rules in your country)

  8. The Taliban are such a joke
    Religion like that, taking it to that level, that's just so dumb. 100% indocrinated by old men from the past, now rule the old men of today. When will any development toward any kind of modernization take place? Never.

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