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Los Angeles to reinstate mask mandate regardless of vaccination status as COVID cases surge

Los Angeles will require face coverings indoors regardless of vaccination status, amid an increase in coronavirus cases. CBS News reporter Bradley Blackburn joins “CBSN AM” to discuss the reinstated mandate and U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy’s warning that misinformation on social media is driving up vaccine hesitancy.

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  • Oppressed Speaker of truth

    Go read faucis emails. You will realize that you have been lied to all along by the media..and fauci himself

  • carpo719 "The Most Rational Man Alive"

    that place is messed up.
    It's unbelievable how paranoid people are. I thought we were using the hospital's as a gauge, 35% isnt much. , now everybody's panicking about everything.

    They blame unvaccinated people for going out without Masks … my question is, how do they know this? Where are there statistics that so many unvaccinated people are doing this?

  • Youssef Hegazy

    We’re not really a serious country. Everyone wants to act like a clown and you barely see any patriots who have no problem biting their tongue for the health of their country.

  • Adam Myers

    Allowing people remove the mask after vaccination incentivizes people to get the shots. LA just killed that intensive and hurt our vaccination efforts.

  • Ace Gabriel Cruz

    Good the Vaccines are effective for now but soon it will mutate and be unstoppable no vaccines can stop the covid in the future

  • X Khan

    Here we go again with fighting this on the back end, what was our government doing when they discovered the 'variant', why did they not take any actions to attempt to stop it from coming in the country?? Seems like the ball continuously gets dropped on the front line, this is common sense now, the 1st time, okay, this variant, seems intentional, sorry, these guys want to do more on the back end instead of the front end

  • Alien Abduction Awareness

    The problem is the vaccinated getting cocky and thinking that they are fully safe just because they are vaccinated…with an untested,unproven,and unknown shot pretty much made overnight..

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