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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

Liz Cheney discusses her political future and the state of the Republican Party | ABC News

Rep. Liz Cheney spoke with Jonathan Karl for “This Week.”

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  • T Smith

    One of the biggest problems in America today is cluelessness. It’s so big that clueless people are now being permitted to move into positions of prominence and even power. We now see them every day putting themselves and their views forward, and they just can’t understand why SO MANY PEOPLE don’t agree with them. And they’re so clueless that it never even occurs to them to ask themselves this question: “Could the other side possibly know some things that are beyond my level of understanding?”

  • Tom F

    If we look at the media's role; just that alone is enough to say the Election was far from fair. We aren't talking a left leaning bias. We are talking about actively trying to demolish Trump, and elect a candidate who barely left his basement. Big tech changing algorithms in search engines, States changing voting laws. Cheney and Kitzinger etc. can go.

  • I know Common Sense

    The problem with the Republicans, and their voters is that they can't get themselves to vote for a Democrat no matter how terrible Trump was as a President and a person.

  • Who_Dat?

    Just because Trump won by 70% in WY in 2020 means nothing. After January 6th, America saw Trump for who he is…A Con Man. This was the turning point.

  • P O

    Unless it’s after running as a DEMOCRAT!
    Wyoming voters are gonna throw her out!
    Bye bye Lizzy!
    You murdered you career

  • Saturday Night Boogie Music TV

    She is right Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the country and should be charged for treason.

  • dan ven

    That's an easy one to answer. She doesn't. She can always join MSNBC or CNN. Sounds like she'll be welcome there. 🤣

  • Vani Teller

    The world is gradually moving out of the, I work for my boss era and people who choose to be entrepreneurs are securing a brighter future for themselves

  • Dan Nelson

    Good news,,, they have found the deleted files in Maricopa county and the Election Board is going to have to lie their way out of this on Tuesday May 18, before the State Senate..!


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  • Christen Ford

    Don't agree with much from her, but she's at least speaking truth about this particular subject. And she's got great hair🤷🏿

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