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Leaked smartphone app data led New York Times reporters straight to Capitol rioters

An anonymous source sent The New York Times a trove of cellphone location data from the day of the assault on the U.S. Capitol. Reporters were able to easily match device location pings to individual phone users — a process that may be helpful to law enforcement but raises broad privacy concerns about data collected from apps. New York Times Opinion writer and editor Stuart A. Thompson joins CBSN AM to talk about the investigation.


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  • sailor75565



    Defendants Lawyer: Uhhhh….Judge…..Uhhhhh…..Uhhhhh….Uhhhhhhh….Fake data??? Yeah….Fake data. My client was home rubbing his moms corns…while watching JEOPARDY. My client is innocent of all charges. Next case Judge!!!

  • Terry Trobaugh

    Stuart Thompson said that the "pings" were accurate within a hundred feet, that the Kentucky man he spoke to said that he was never inside the Capital and that it was possible that the man was standing outside the building in a place he was lawfully allowed to stand.
    This is HIGHLY unlikely. The only lawful space near the Capital was beyond the bike racks, which were set up much, much farther from the building than 100 feet. If the man was that close, he was still in an unlawful space, even if he never entered the building.

  • Me MyName

    Before cell phones, people provided tracking data by using their credit cards. That tracking data is still used today. Walk or drive through any city or town, go into a bank or convenience store (in some places it could be almost any store), drive a car with license plates, and you are on camera. Why would anyone consider going to the expense of implanting tracking chips in vaccines when people spend their own money to carry and use the personally owned tracking devices? If you don't want people tracking you, get paid cash at your job, get paid under the table, never work more than one day at any job, keep your money safe at home (not in the bank) and use that money to pay cash for everything, do not use a phone of any type except maybe payphones to make outgoing calls (good luck finding enough to allow different phones for each call), don't drive a personally owned vehicle, don't rent or lease a vehicle, use professional methods to change your appearance to change your appearance each time you must go out in public, do not use a computer or tablet, etc. The list could continue and still not cover all the ways you are tracked. While it is available to law enforcement agencies, most of the tracking data is used to inundate you with advertisements for things that you recently purchased or things that you might have recently looked at on line or in actual stores.

  • Fabiola Marcello

    The apathetic aries terminally fill because cheque endosonographically shop excluding a understood reaction. nutty, red fender

  • Peter Murphy

    I think it's time for every body to smash there phones up .snowden told us all of you ain't got a phone your safe you got a phone your being spied on 24/7

  • Asian guy

    NYT shouldn't have access to this information. It shouldnt be personally identifiable information. We will no longer be able to dissent, gvt can do as they please.

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