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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Vice President Kamala Harris has embarked on a whirlwind tour of Mexico and Guatemala. Part of her message is to discourage the deluge of illegal immigration and “tackle corruption.” Rick Sanchez explains why sending a US politician to “tackle corruption and migration” in Latin America is “laughable” when the US is the cause of these issues by “manufacturing dictators” across the region. He also points out the racist subtext of media assumptions about Latin American politics. (00:13) Then RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports the details of the Vice President’s trip before former UK MP George Galloway shares his insights. (07:14)

Florida Gov. Ron De Santis has signed a controversial bill forbidding the participation of transgender student athletes from participating in sports competitions and teams designated for female students. Similar legislation is being pushed in 27 other states. RT America’s John Huddy reports. (14:58)

Despite the grinding to a halt of virtually the entire economy amid COVID-19 lockdowns, spending on nuclear weapons stayed on an upward climb. Nine countries spending a whopping $72 billion on nuclear weapons in 2020.(17:34) RT America’s Faran Fronczak joins Rick Sanchez to break down this bloated nuclear budget and take a look at who is raking in the profits, before Prof. Peter Kuznick weighs in. He decries the “sick, perverse, death-oriented planning” that characterizes nuclear weapons spending. (21:12)

00:00 Full Show
07:14 VP Kamala Harris In Guatemala & Mexico
14:58 Transgender Sports Law
17:34 Nuclear Weapons spending

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19 thoughts on “Kamala Harris's gaffe-laden Latin America photo op laughable! (Full show)”
  1. Thanks to Rick for calling out what should be the obvious about immigration. Anyone who is calling for greater immigration and cares about not being a hypocrite needs to start with demanding an end to DC imposing their rule throughout the Americas.

    We will instantly see our borders become immensely more-manageable and secure, and radically decreased immigration numbers the moment we take a cooperative approach towards our fellow countries of the Americas and recognize the right of all countries in the hemisphere to self-determination, self-rule, and pursuit of prosperity for their people. In other words, the best domestic policy is noble and respectful foreign policy. We will never have peace at home as long as we cause misery abroad.

  2. Since you have Galloway on, the US policy in Latin America is also an alliance and deal with the UK. Which is also a joke, since the US blocked article 5 when Argentina attacked the UK. There has been a long historic rivalry between Spain and Spanish speaking countries and the UK. The US is there, completely senselessly, for fun and profit. Was the US really starving for Guatemala's bananas? The US needs Venezuela's oil or Honduras for palm oil for what? Cars are changing to electric and crap shortening is being removed from food because it doesn't sell.

  3. The administration should be able to tackle both these issues since they created both issues!

  4. Who America thinks who they are to be acting as chief anti-corruption. Besides the US has been oppressive to all South America nations to keep them undeveloped.

  5. She slept with Willie “SWEET-DICK” Brown.
    Former mayor of San Francisco
    👉🏽To get her 1st government job🇺🇸

  6. Your vice president is not welcome in India even if guest of Modi since we have strong views on race matters.

  7. Biden steps down from office early next year for health reasons. Kamala Harris picks Michelle Obama for her VP and shortly after that Kamala falls in the shower breaking her neck and then Michelle picks Maxxine Waters to be her VP…

  8. What good has American teach others? Look at Middle East… Vietnam etc
    YET want to teach CHINA! shame on America
    Recently, the best friend INDIA wanted vaccines from America and you know what INDIA got…"AMERICA FIRST – FORGET ABOUT INDIA"

  9. Finally, the truth on a major media! The Greyzone and Empire Files have been reporting on this for several years now but they're not that known to people! When I tell people complaining about immigration that it's because of the US coups and invasions they usually shut up!

  10. Thanks Rick for calling out America genocide
    "We can't help set someone's homes on fire, and blame them for fleeing"

  11. This speech by Harris was nothing more than a warning not to come to America, while farmers are requiring immigrants to pick their crops (Slave Labour). Also, a large portion of the taxes come from immigrants and immigrants are the hardest workers in America. In summary, Harris doesn't have a clue what she's talking about and frankly doesn't even care, as long as she pleases the people that matter, that being the Republicans and Oligarchs.

  12. Very well said. USA is the biggest hypocrites. They put corrupt to protect their selfish interest there. USA is creating havoc in the middle east, Asia and Latin America so that it can remain the sole super power.

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