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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

The Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez tells Wendy she wants her flowers and recognition for all of her hard work over the years. Wendy responds.

Plus, she dished about her show ‘Joseline’s Cabaret’ on Zeus network.

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14 thoughts on “Joseline Hernandez on Wendy Williams”
  1. Hahaha totally put her out there she is a woman-hater. She looks like a man so imagine waking up looking like that everyday. No matter how hard she tries she'll never look as pretty, sexy, or feminine as Serena. Or whatever her name is.😂😂😂. She looks like a dude in a wig

  2. Jocelyn should be sending Wendy flowers! Most of the people Wendy talks about, I only know of Because of her. Ive never watched Love and Hip-hop and yet I know all about Jocelyn and Stevie J because she talks about them. Many of these reality tv stars are deluuuuusional!! She thinks she has the #1 show in the country?! 😂🤣.The fantasy is real honey, but only for her. She better be careful not to Nene herself and burn aaall the bridges 🙄

    Wendy here shows that despite all the shade throwing , professionalism is the name of her game and the reason she's been steadily working since the 80s. You don't just get and maintain a network show for a decade acting a fool.

  3. U not in abusive relationship anymore
    Lol What? Joseline….
    Way of saying uplift women like her etc

    Wendy 🌷
    Joseline more lol

  4. Lol Wendy started the intereview with shade..
    that’s was nice…nasty… “ look different…”?
    And Joseline response “senior”.. etc honestly wasn’t shade
    It was more of we’re is the highlights of what she has done that she views as positive or accomplishments.. Wendy brushes it of.. and comes off diva like then it went left..

  5. Girl, soon as you came on ,,, you was looking so dam fly ,,, and as sooner you open your mouth ,, it went left ,,, 1 thing ,, a player need no one to give a flower, all we want is our respect,,, so let's respect each other hustle (work,,,re

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