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Invisible surveillance: How spyware is secretly hacking smartphones

An investigation by a consortium of media organizations has found that military-grade spyware licensed by an Israeli firm has been used to hack smartphones belonging to journalists and others. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  • Deborah Smith

    Really is anyone surprised
    Someone always is spying on spying on someone
    We have all known about this for awhile
    yet the person who is spying always feels justified
    Whether it’s your government or whoever it is
    They always feel justified
    What did Snowden talk about
    What did Wikileaks talk about
    Here we are this is nothing new
    How many more people will be killed
    Unfortunately I believe many more

  • Thomas Wallingsford

    That's like this; "I'm a police officer who killed someone but I investigated myself and found I didn't do it."

  • Thomas Wallingsford

    Yes they're using it on our cell phones, but the US government backs the terrorist nation of zionists.

  • Juanita Skelton

    Thank you…I know these words are all true…I am a big nobody but I know my phone gets hacked because it does whatever the hacker wants it to do…this alone is frightening. I am a rather boring citizen to surveil. I stay home, go to doctors appointments and text my few friends and acquaintances. I would be no great loss or source of relevant data to anyone. I say that because my life revolved around my little family which was me and my son and my daughter. We do mental health professionals because we have mental health issues.

    It is not okay to have unchecked or unbalanced power whether you live in a democracy or a monarchy. Power corrupts powerfully. Oversight is something the "overseers" need even more than they know. It would be in everyones best interest to engage in controlling the controllers!

  • Gloom Zoom

    This and other ways I am dealing with on a constant basis with my currently separated husband. He knows some really shady people and no matter how much I plea or say to him. He never stops. I can describe to you the specific details symptoms of malfunctions which lead to the attacks. If I described to him that I can literally see him on my phone and I describe to him what I see. He merely changes to a different method of attack. Mentally, I am completely broken down with no avail for help. This is spousal abuse of the worst kind… 🥺😢😞

  • Victoria Williams

    This specifically mentioned iPhone. What ways are utilized on android? Do "they" use the same methods? I'm assuming yes.
    I'm curious, do they use SMS, text, or email to get in if you never use wifi and use your phone data only? Sorry, but I'm computer illiterate.

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