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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

Investigation reveals super-rich Americans pay nearly nothing in taxes l GMA

Investigative group ProPublica published tax information on the nation’s wealthiest Americans, which revealed that many of them paid little or nothing in federal taxes despite skyrocketing wealth.
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  • Thomas Mary

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  • DJ Pomare

    Don't pay more than Traitor Trump's $750 tax.

    Add a note that you will NOT pay more than Traitor Trump does.

    Where are the loopholes for the majority?

  • Erica Lizzy

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  • Donald Duck

    It's NOT ILLEGAL people!!! If you want fair taxation, change the freakin' law. You know as the saying goes, "The rich gotta get richer, the poor get poorer"

  • René Verbeek

    On Fox news they are just downplaying this story without telling the real story. It looks like their donors are in trouble.

  • Ed A

    Thanks to republican/MAGA because they think one of these day a republican will when the lotto or get an inheritance and plan and or not want to pay their share of taxes.

  • Chanique Mitchell

    This Country makes me sick to my stomach people out here living below the poverty level and still get taxed, and people with more than enough get to keep all the money
    Makes no sense to me. Again to the wealthiest among us
    Can I hold like 500,000?

  • Tori Knorth

    The entire comment section: "everybody already knew that"
    Libertarians and rich people: "I'm going to pretend I didn't see that"

  • Dancing Bear

    Blame congress. They write the tax law. No one would willingly pay the tax if there was a legal way to avoid it. They may not have paid any taxes currently but the income doesn’t disappear. It’s usually deferred to a future period. Unless you understand tax law this video is an extremely simplistic viewpoint. The top 1% pay 40% of all taxes. The top 10% pay 90% of all taxes. Not to mention the wealthiest leave a substantial amount to charity upon their death. I believe Warren Buffet is leaving his entire estate to charity. Bill Gates also. Don’t listen to the media. Google is your friend. Do your own research.

  • PopLife1999

    And they’re the same ones that act like a “millionaire tax” is un-American. So, making the people who have the least amount of money pay the most taxes, IS American???

  • Dean Flet

    Someone in the government is definitely getting paid for not telling the public about the ultra rich don't have to pay a dime on there taxes.🤬👎

  • Candace H

    gasp Capitalism works lol
    This is why I take no one with millions of dollars seriously. You don't live in the same world I do.

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