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Inside an Afghan School the U.S. Helped Build, Then Destroy | Afghanistan News

After years of fighting, Afghanistan’s war-torn rural areas are opening up for the first time. We traveled with the Taliban to a U.S.-funded school in Faryab Province that’s become a symbol of foreign intervention.

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  • Alexandra Eaton

    Hi, I’m Alexandra Eaton, one of the producers on this piece. After we published a previous piece that toured the Taliban’s new home in Kabul ( which more than a few of you likened to “MTV Cribs,” and I agree) we wanted to know more about the fighters who had come from outside the city. What was life like where they were from? What had their experience of the war been like? Jordan Bryon traveled home with some of them to Faryab Province. The Taliban showed him the sites of some of their battles with coalition forces — one of them was the Kwajah Kinti school. According to the crumbling dedication plaque on the school, the school was built by U.S. forces in 2008. Students had a short period of time to enjoy the desks and chairs before the building was destroyed in 2011 in a U.S.-led airstrike. We’re told that classes resumed between 6 months to a year later, and have been continuing in the partially destroyed building ever since. Girls were never taught at this particular location. They went to school elsewhere in the village until the Taliban took control.

  • Ronnie Johnson

    Paid for by hard working men and women by taxed dollars stolen from the working class
    Always blame and point fingers. Ask China to help

  • Sahidul Islam

    Please brother listen …. my country Bangladesh ..পবিত্র আল কুরআন অপমান করেন হিন্দু জাতী। হিন্দু জাতী আমাদের আল কুরআন নিয়ে খেলা শুরু করেছেন।taleban

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