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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Post-lockdown unemployment is declining, but prices for goods like lumber, gas, and milk are sharply rising. While the Federal Reserve prints banknotes round-the-clock, Boom Bust co-host Christy Ai weighs in on accelerated inflation rates that are putting millions of struggling Americans in a pinch. Meanwhile, real estate’s rapid recovery spells trouble for renters.

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22 thoughts on “Inflation 2021: Fed Reserve's Ticking Time Bomb”
  1. You people are lame. No explanation that the enhanced UI has also propped up the economy because it has led to increased consumer spending. In 24 states they are ending the supplemental UI in an attempt to force people back into low wage jobs. (Hint- It's not working and will not work.) This will result in sustained reduction of consumer spending.
    End result- Lower consumer spending will mean the companies now hiring will stop hiring, then start reducing hours and wages, then start laying people off again.
    The other thing not detailed is that the LPR is now the lowest since the early 70's and the numbers are months behind in reporting. An estimated 38.7% of the official workforce has ceased seeking employment. Add that to the 6% official unemployment rate and we have nearly 45% unemployment. THEN take a look at the U6 unemployment rate, not just the U3 unemployment rate. That tells you nearly 20% of workers are under-paid, working gig jobs and part time when they want/need full time work/wages.
    You think you're experts? You're propagandists. No better than corporate media.

  2. USA will end the year with 10% inflation at least year on year with crude oil going to USD100. If USD hit 70, it will be at least 15%. Hell will break lose!

  3. Economy was on oxygen support before covid. It is actually helping politicians to hide behind covid and divert the blame. After 2008 crisis economy was a ticking bomb.

  4. There is never a reason to promote inflation. Not even "a little inflation". Inflation/deflation are normal ups and downs of a free and functional market. No interference is needed by any central bank. As a matter of fact, a central bank is not needed.

  5. Right channel by channel I shall right this….
    No one central bank can DO ANYTHING about global inflation as they DO NOT control the other central banks …
    An example is the ECB just printed off another 1 or 2 trillion….

    time to wake the fuck up

  6. Inflation is coming it’s not transitory anyone who believe this is a fool everything is going up embrace yourself

  7. War monger Biden making US currency worthless and will be worse as he continues with Nazi tRump racist policies. Demented Biden seems to only know to support Isreal Jew with $10 million per day to conduct ethnic cleansing. BIDEN hiding from America s on his genocide and ethic cleansing policies.

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