As India continues battling a devastating second wave of Covid, police in Delhi have made more than 350 arrests for fraud, relating to counterfeit medical supplies.

Many families have fallen victim to the conmen, who offer fake oxygen and drugs for sale on social media.

A senior police officer has told the BBC that the fraudsters are costing people their lives and committing what amount to crimes against humanity.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Orla Guerin in Delhi.

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17 thoughts on “India’s Covid fraudsters selling fake drugs and medical supplies – BBC News”
  1. If they sell fake drugs at five times the price, I think they should also be punished by the law five times.It's deserved!

  2. When people get fake news from there own Goverment desperate people fall for fake news and offers from scammers .even doctors are prescribing drugs that are not needed .

  3. The government should purchase remdesivir and supply to all hospitals for use there.

  4. Indian government is disgusting as they didnt lookafter their own nation and also failed to provide Covishield second dose to the countries like sri lanka. Keeping all the people suffer. There must be a seperate place in hell for these.

  5. Just sat down to 2 rolls and chopped pork tell the muslims i enjoyed every bite might milk a cow next

  6. What is the COVAX foundation doing? The world leaders and even people in charge of the COVAX program argued against poor countries making their own vaccine to protect IP rights of Big Pharma. Now, less than 2% of people in poor countries have been vaccinated (3% in India). It shows the utter failure of COVAX program.

    The WHO is more interested in Philanthropic organizations making money out of distributing vaccines in poor countries than letting them manufacture their own vaccines. India was the prime source of vaccine for a lot of these countries but now they have stopped exporting and aren't anywhere close to meeting their own domestic needs.

    Please remember people – The WHO as usual chose interest of Big Pharma over the poor countries until it was too late. There is no way these countries will get vaccine this year if they rely on COVAX. We need countries to be able to manufacture their own vaccines. This will also help India as there is no way they can meet their own demands on time.

  7. We have been seing wonders in india
    All that this country need is salvation in jesus christ really with christ no one could think of selling stuff that could probably take peoples lives that evil the time for india to turn to the lord any one who need jesus in their lives do reply to this message we will pray and introduce you to the living God who can cure without those medication the spirit of God will spare you from scammers just reply with your whatsapp number in i will take my time to connect you to the word of God

  8. Indian Govt is showing all Fake number of Deaths and Covid recoveries, deadbodies are thrown in rivers and oceans, more then 1700 Crores of people have mentioned/tagged Resign Modi but they are celebrating 7 yrs of terms happily. International funds been used for election rallies, few states doing scams on vaccines, people are dying even after 2 doses, All Indian media's are trapped as they can't talk against the Govt..Our country is in bad governance we need international media to look in it deeply.

  9. India is very highly affected in covid.
    Day by day people dead crises increase.
    Black market selling "Medicine" "oxigen". In Huge price

    2021 India Government is worst.

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