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Ilhan Omar lashes out at Manchin after bombshell announcement: 'complete bullsh*t'

Alexandria Hoff and Mark Meredith report on the reactions to Sen. Joe Manchin’s decision not to vote for Biden’s Build Back Better bill on ‘Fox Report.’

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  • Dominic Bailin

    Well a Democrat is able to think for himself. Interesting how it was good to resist Trump to defend Demoncracy, but it's bad to resist Biden because it destroys Democracy. Typical. Dems are so ignorant.

  • Ingvaard Hesingstaat

    You know if anything that this stupid btch says is BS, IT IS A GOOD THING. The only thing that is BS and a joke is her being elected to office.

  • GoldenRooster

    BBB is a Bad Bombshell Bill. No sensible person would say yes to this bill. Manchin is an honorable person with guts to say no.

  • gary K

    The people of West Virginia give Biden an 18% approval rate, I am sure Manchin's decision is well received in WV.
    He was their Governor for two terms and now their Senator for two terms. Manchin is well loved in WV. How else could a Democrat get elected in a state where the Governor switched parties to Republican and Trump had his largest margin of victory in 2016 and 2020?
    he would be a better Republican than Romney, Collins, Murkowski and Sasse. Switch parties, Joe!

  • Tactical Shot

    Why do we have rdeocrats that are really republicans and republicans that are really democrats, it’s like we’re watching a scripted wwe show! Joe man gun is definatly a Republican , and Mitch mock all is a Democrat

  • Dave NC

    Americans don't want lower cost on prescription drugs. Seniors don't want expanded Medicare coverage for hearing and vision costs. And we don't care if America doesn't join the rest of the global community to combat climate change. We're Republicans!! We want to dump as much money as we can into the military and to make sure that big corporations make as much money as possible!!!

  • Oscar Warren

    Manchin take the gun in your political adds…then tell 1 in 3 poor children to get a retro active abortion in west Virginia.

  • SurfingTheMentawais

    Lohan Omar is a traitor to America. She doesn't love America, or Americans, or American culture, history, way of life. She understands nothing about what it means to be American. Her family was rescued from a refugee camp in Kenya by a Christian organization. She and her family were brought to America, given citizenship, food and lodging, healthcare, education and she herself received the great honor of being made a member of Congress. Is she grateful for any of this? Not at all. She hates America and will say so at every opportunity.

    It's wonderful that Ilhan Omar and her far left colleagues are getting a lesson about how things actually work. It makes great viewing.

  • Wade Holman

    Good to see a little common sense. Dem weirdos mad, so sad, to bad, now,,,get over it. These nuts have the gaul to call someone a lier,,,the kings of liars and trators. He seems to be a good man.

  • Las Vegas Artist

    These people act like it’s 1 vs 49. Worse case scenario it’s 51 vs 49. I guarantee there’s another 10 Dems afraid to vote their heart. The Dems that want the bill to fail will vote for it as soon as they see the bill won’t get the votes to pass to save face. Get 100 every day Americans together that have no lobbyist interest in mind and I guarantee they could put together a solid bi-partisan bill minus all the fluff.

  • Walter Bandstra

    In the 4 years that Trump was in office the National Debt Ballooned from 19 Trillion to 29 Trillion. An increase of 10 Trillion. Joe Manchin is right. We need the infrastructure bill passed but can't afford the rest.

  • Hari Seldon

    I don't know if Ilhan Omar is guilty of "indiscretions" but it should be thoroughly investigated. And, even is a statuette of limitations means that she is not criminally liable (but would be otherwise) she should be impeached from her role in Congress. Enough has happened , Congress needs a better class of people. Right or wrong, Manchin is such a person.

  • zach wilson

    Omar literally preaches anti-American/anti-Semitic propaganda whenever she gets a chance. Omar also had a sexual relationship *WITH HER OWN BROTHER*… Her whole existence and radical racist ideology is "complete bullsh*t".

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