I can’t do this challenge for 24 hours, my heart is too soft, I don’t want him to be too sad.💔
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27 thoughts on “IGNORING My Cute Boyfriend PRANK! 🤫💔**MY HEART MELTED** | 忽視我可愛的男友惡作劇!我心軟了[Gay Couple Lucas&Kibo]”
  1. Okay you said in the title he was cute but you didn’t say he is a complete MARSHMALLOW🥺🥺

  2. Esss muchaaaa ternuraaaaa esaaaaa parejaaaa necesito más parejas así en todooosss losss lugares pero necesito verlos a ellos si o si

  3. MEU DEUS QUE COISA MAIS FOFINHA O NAMORADO DELE 😍😍 espero que eu arrume alguém assim , mas eu quero ser o fofo do namoro🤤

  4. So cute… hoping you stay strong together guys…. always respect and love each other…be safe and healthy and happy…

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