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Insurgents who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State attacked the strategic town of Palma in March. We interviewed survivors and used videos, satellite imagery and ship-tracking data to show how Mozambique’s government failed to protect its civilians — leaving thousands to fend for themselves.

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13 thoughts on “How Mozambique Failed a Town Attacked by Militants | Visual Investigations”
  1. When you have a corrupt government who don't assure a basic needs of his people's, and other side a multinational company who came to destroy the local lives and take all the ressources back to their country, it's obvious that the local peoples form a terrorist groups to stop that. The day that the African gouvernements will be able to stop corruption and give peoples what better life, it will be not violence or terror.

  2. Killing people for no reason is not normal. What are we going to do with Islamic terrorism?

  3. Imagine if the locals had guns to defend themselves? Just glad I live in America.
    Good luck trying to do this in Texas or Louisiana. Your little group would get destroyed within a week

  4. This government doesn't even want help from South Africa, or even the Southern African Development Community of which it is a part of, and can solicit help from South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Angola, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Eswatini.

    ALL OF THESE COUNTRIES ARMIES ARE AVAILABLE TO THEM, but they don't want any help!

  5. It’s honestly just not right that nearly a quarter of the comments are BLM and Palestine or something completely different while there watching terrorists quite possibly having a struggling African nation be bankrupted by this attack.

  6. So even if you say, that you can't say what you want here it get's deleted? TNYT Ladies and gentlemen 👏! Bravo. Hope your proud of yourself.

  7. Visual Investigations is always so good, it’s really the only reason I’m subscribed to NYT on youtube. I hope NYT lets them cover the atrocities Israel is perpetrating in Palestine.

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