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How China reshaped Hong Kong ahead of the elections – BBC News

Hong Kong’s unique freedoms have been removed one by one by Beijing through a national security law and an electoral “patriots” rule.

Ahead of the Legislative Council elections on 19 December, and as more people have been sentenced to jail, we explain how Hong Kong’s global identity has changed forever.

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  • tecumseh neo21

    Every couple of weeks someone is arrested, a new law is passed, and everyday new biased stories against China like this one is created and funded by American tax payers to the tune of $300M a year thru the Strategic Competition Act of 2021.

  • Harrison & Claudia M

    What the video also needs to mention that this agreement between the Chinese and British is temporary when it was returned to China by Margaret Thatcher years ago in 90s. I think is a very complicated the situation i think the British should also allow HK citizens to regain their British passports because they use to be British citizens at one point and was a British colony. But the Hong Kong with Margaret Thatcher agreement was to return the territory after 100 years or so. Therefore, its complicated to find a solution because HK itself will be no longer the same after the end of the 150 year agreement so all I can say to HK citizens is try to find an agreement with the British so they can regain their lost citizenship

  • 为什么我的眼里常含泪水

    Has bbc ever reported how these protests burned an old civilian ?
    I have no problem with protests who want freedom or democracy whatever ,but this is not the excuse to hurt others.
    CCP is bad,which doesn’t mean the protesters are good.

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