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Holiday plans disrupted as Omicron grounds flights – BBC News

Holiday travel plans around the world continue to be disrupted with thousands of flights cancelled for the Christmas weekend as Covid infections surge.

Airlines have blamed shortages of healthy staff for the cancellations of nearly 2,400 flights on Friday and more than 2,300 on Saturday.

More than 800 of those cancelled on Saturday were to or from US airports.

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  • Alex Rios

    Since Wright Brothers we had taken for granted that flying is an acquired right.
    We are in broad Pandemic and everyone is aware of the risks of contagion or spreading Covid19 while traveling !!

  • Emz 3103

    And yet hundreds of planes fly through our skies daily I can see a plane fly over around every ten minutes gridding the sky everyday and when it’s so thick you can’t see you can hear them!! Strange how in the forecast it said that in two days it would be cloudy from 1 pm, however we were enjoying a beautiful clear day until 12.30 when the planes turned up spent 20 minutes spraying a grid in the sky that seemed to knit together and sure enough it was cloudy by 1pm ……..w t f is really going on? How did the net office know that at one pm, two days into the future that it would be cloudy? Yet it was the grid that clouded over? Something very odd going on with the people who run this earth

  • Eric The Roman

    Turn off the news, delete social media. It has been the best thing i have done for my mental health. Don't listen to anyone who tells you that "You NEED social media" you don't, delete it and a great weight will be lifted off of your shoulders

  • Jazzmaster Jay

    The BBC reports on this, but doesn't report on mass covid protests in London? The BBC is a mouthpiece. Travelling by dinghy is the way to get in to the UK.

  • jie li

    India has a population of 1.324 billion in 2021! India has a population of 1.38 billion by 2020! It can be seen that 6 million people died in India is a reliable data! So the question comes, because the delta virus killed 6 million people, what is the death rate of the delta virus?

  • david craig

    Record infections in Australia, Britain and France, governments should sue Pfizer and get money back for utterly failed vaccines which never met their false claims of 95% efficacy.

  • Uze Bin Fartin

    The US/UK governments attack on the NHS continues. The Covid scam has been devised to clear a path for US medical companies to move into the UK. Keep going NHS! Don't let those greedy yanks win!

  • Anti Satanism Intelligence

    If you support/believe in ego/evil/psychopaths/liar/hypocrite/deceptive/disguised/inhuman/demon/devil, then they convert you as their maddogs/slaves/sheeps/rats/pigs, addicted you by illusory matters. After using you for a certain time, when they think you are useless for them, then they give you terrible deaths. So don't try to believe in evil psychopathic inhuman govts/mainstream media/agents of demons. They are all antihuman…

  • Anti Satanism Intelligence

    Demonic World Order, UN, WHO, Govts, Mainstream Media, all are built & run by the sources of liars hypocrites fake evil psychopathic inhumans. All have sacrificed their souls for demon. They can do anything against humanity.Only the most ignorant people believe in such kind of demons.

  • Anti Satanism Intelligence

    We now live in a world where
    – Psychopathic governments destroy Freedom & Humanity
    – Psychopathic doctors destroy Health
    – Psychopathic lawyers destroy Justice
    – Psychopathic universities destroy Knowledge
    – Psychopathic scientists destroy Truth
    – Psychopathic press destroy Information
    – Psychopathic religious leaders destroy Divine Guidances & Morals
    – Psychopathic inhumans destroy beliefs in GOD & Grace but they believe in devil & evil
    – Psychopathic businesses destroy human Services
    – Psychopathic banking systems destroy Economy…

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