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Holiday bookings surge after Covid quarantine rules relaxed @BBC News live πŸ”΄ BBC

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It’s Friday 9 July 2021. Our top stories this morning 0:00

Bookings for flights and holidays have surged following the decision that fully vaccinated travellers returning from amber-list countries will not have to self-isolate after 19 July.

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  • Armand Juignet

    I wish i had covid so when i spit at people who work at the BBC i have a chance of making them feel the pain i feel

  • Donkavision

    The woefully untested vaccine doesn't work and promotes blood clots and if you fly away on holiday then you are in the perfect environment for thrombosis. With a 99.5% survival (unless you have an underlying health condition) rate why would you take the vaccine. If the susceptible had been quarantined from the beginning then there would have been no need for a lockdown. Then the boosters will appear and more and more variants (all of which can be overcome by your natural antibodies) We would look back at these last couple of years with disgust at how we were duped and eventually killed.

  • Stretchy1

    Every day……..covid,covid,covid,covid,covid,covid,covid,covid,covid,covid… people carry other diseases and viruses , if people can afford top pay the extortionate air fares and the prices of a rip off test then the human race is more dumb than i thought. If people pay it then the greedy companies will keep charging what they like, the test you pay for is by a private company they also will charge what they like, the same with everything else in the world…… greed will always be there, and there is no cure for stupidity.

  • TNtraveler

    You cut out the section where you interviewed Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, this morning, You know, the part where he said "We know the fully vaccinated are more likely to get and to carry coronavirus So it becomes important where there needs a balance made by allowing people to see friends and family." Why did you cut that out I wonder?

  • John Datsun

    Why can't the same rules apply for people who have tested positive for antibodies?
    It's clearer than ever that the government aren't following the science.

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