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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Why wearing a Mexican flag draped over his graduation gown resulted in a student getting reprimanded over dress code.

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11 thoughts on “High school graduate denied his diploma | GMA”
  1. I respected them, and received my diploma, and they respected my freedom of speech. Old school

  2. I’m so tired of people trying to make a statement. No one cares that you’re from Mexico. Take your piece of paper and go drink a beer. Holy fuck.

  3. Wearing the Mexican flag while graduating in America is a slap in the face. You love Mexico that much than take your butt back there. Tired of seeing foreigners flying their flags over old glory. Does Mexico let people fly the American flag over theirs? What other damn country lets you do that?

  4. To the H.S. great stand. just mail hom the diploma. Know let's have a great summer, and focus on next year, and what it will bring to you all. Hod bless.
    A Puerto Rican from the Big Apple, that served this Great and Wonderful country for 29 years, 3 combat tours, and 5 overseas tours. I am VERY PROUD OF MY HERITAGES and what we have brought to the world, but I also respect their school rules. I had a cap and gown, under it, my chinos and tan shirt white my light blue tie. in the cap, very top, Only in the Big Apple NYC Baby

  5. We were sent a very detailed letter prior to graduation ceremony, stating that no foolishness would be tolerated, even having too much applause from your family and friends was heavily discouraged.
    i made sure to tell everyone to clap like crazy, but no shouting or anything else.

    Everything was fine.

  6. I don’t understand the problem. If he is so proud of his heritage, print his diploma in Spanish, with a Mexican flag background, and give it to him.

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