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Hating PM Modi A Pre-Requisite At New York Times? Bizarre Job Description Triggers Row

Hating PM Modi a pre-requisite at New York Times? Bizarre job description triggers row

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  • Sri Krishan Pandit

    There over a dozen journalists in India who qualify, Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dut, Rawisvh kumar, Punya Prasun Bajpeyee, and many more. If they fail the test , then Imran Khan of Pakistan.

  • raghu thonse

    Newyork times is hates india, hope u.s will take some action nor it proves that u.s govt support behind such a advertisement.

  • Prashant K

    The same thing should be done NYT, it's the right time for the Indian government should teach them a lesson, we should immediately attack the NYT OFFICE r should be thrown out, also this show how the United States are also a double standard still can v trust them.

  • Ranjani Adipudi

    Barka dutt, priyanka gandhi vadre and rahul gandhi have applied to this along with her leftist and khangress journalist and leftist

  • Rajagopalan Parthasarathy

    Even now , if people don't wake up, our country will loose as none of the opposition, Luyteins tolerate a corruption free govt , leave alone achievements. Not only we did not succumb to China , Pakistan pressure like Nehru, but are assertive.

  • Surya Kumar

    NYT Times, western media fears the rise of Hinduism, the only major religion whose scriptures never prescribed to kill or convert others.

    The other two top religions killed, tortured ~250 million people each to gain the followers they have today. It has been a deadful, shameful journey which today's generation has stared to scrutinize.

    Life is / was never a sin as per Hinduism. The World needs a Hindu nation to understand how blissful, wonderful life on this earth could be.

  • Laxminarayan Singh

    NYT should mind its own business in its own country which is already neck deep in shit…
    And such media houses don't have the balls to talk about the public subjugation done by countries like China. (They just turned a blind eye to it).. Better keep your journalism to your own nation or better the city as mentioned in name ..NYC

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