Two people were killed and over 20 were wounded after a mass shooting outside a banquet hall in Miami. Police say the shooting was targeted, but still don’t have a motive.

30 thoughts on “Gunmen wanted for mass shooting in Miami”
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  3. " the crowd returned fire" how many times have you heard of a crowd of innocent victims returning fire? No , armies return fire, police ,return fire and thugs return fire. C'mon, there is so much here that is going unreported. Half truths aren't going to solve this. Sugar coatings aren't going to work anymore. Sometimes ,people get shot because they deserve it. So, why does this particular group so richly deserve it? Quit calling these thing tragedies. There is enough planning involved to be able to return fire , so ,it follows there should be enough foresight involved here to prevent this all together.

    I refrain from twisting my neighbors teat because I believe he might over react and hit me in the face. This crowd went in twisting teats and hoping they would get to return fire or they wouldn't have been prepared and able to return fire. They probably have returned alot of fire of the years. Nothing new here ,moving on.

  4. THIS is terrible! !!!prayers from over here Holland……..please i don't want to be disrespectful I maybe terrible wrong…the first time i look at this video…and then over and over again….the one stepping out off the driver's seat. …maybe that's a woman?? … heart breaks to see this nieuws…….

  5. I swear al Qaeda could launch a major attack on the US and if they used rifles instead of planes people wouldn't even notice/care..smh

  6. This lawlessness is only going to get worse. Pray and seek Yah's face so He can heal our land

  7. America must turn to God because this is the beginning of the judgment. Have mercy Lord

  8. My God what is wrong with us?!!! 😞😔 Just tragic for no reason my heart aches for that poor father may God comfort all those that are mourning and heal those that survived in Jesus name Amen and may the cowards be caught and justice served in Jesus name Amen!…

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