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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

Gov. Abbott, Will You Save My Life? | NYT Opinion

Quintin Jones, an inmate on death row in Texas, has nine days left to live. He admits to murdering his great-aunt in 1999. The family has forgiven him and opposes the execution.

Read the story here:https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/10/opinion/quintin-jones-texas-death-row-clemency.html

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  • Ninja Tortoise

    What are the chances a white republican governor of Texas is going to save a black man from death row… I mean 🤔

  • Kathleen Sykes

    The death penalty never gives the victims justice. It's never administered equally. It is never humane. It does not heal. It robs communities and families. It doesn't bring the victims back. All it does is make killers and monsters out of us.

  • ilyes ben aissa

    Why you're pretending to be blind about what's happening in Sheikh Jarrah and Palestine, Kids are dying, why you show people only what you want them to see !!

  • jeanne mcsweeny

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  • the Phoenix

    His aunt deserve to live and he took that away from her he was also involved in two other killings but was never charged he made his choice now he has to pay for it

  • Human Seeks Justice

    The racist blue lives matter movement and their political hacks act as though they are about law and order. In reality, they're racists that help create the ghettos that Qunitin and many others grow up in, then the law and order folks throw the books at the victims of poverty. But killing your aunt is a terrible crime, yet life in jail is punishment enough! But don't need God for this one, just human logic, empathy and intellectual curiosity.

  • Nate River

    There is quite a fine line in this situation. He killed a family member and not a random citizen. I would also add that killing him would be a sentence for the rest of the family. The killing was relatively isolated and residents were not victimized. He served twenty years and could be of great service as a preventive domestic crime advocate for trouble people.

  • EpsilonGoods

    There are people saying this is "heartbreaking". You're all fools.
    This man killed a woman when he was 21 years old. He knew what he was doing. It doesn't matter if the aunt's sister forgives him.
    He's conning them for freedom. Death is coming for you boy, just like you did for her.
    Civilization cannot exist by giving murderers and rapists second chances.

  • EpsilonGoods

    I don't care if his family forgave him. Murder can never be forgiven.
    Tessa Majors was gutted to death by a 13-year-old Black boy. Why he didn't get life in prison?
    Cannon Hinnant was only 5 years old when he was shot in the head by a Black man. Does the man deserve a second chance?
    I don't believe in forgiving murderers. Our society is rotting, and all this guy will do is cower in his family's home for the rest of his life.
    Cry me a river.

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  • Nighthawk Simulations

    On 9/11/1999, Jones murdered his 83 year old aunt with a baseball bat.  He struck her numerous times over the head and took property from her residence.

  • Alex Di Paola

    If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, a life for a life, an eye for an eye is necessary or else everyone would commit heinous crimes and think they can just rot away in prison where they can also cause more damage.

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