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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

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21 thoughts on “glee stan watches the final episode for the first time!”
  1. I’m also a weirdo who doesn’t watch show finales. Lol but I did finally watch this finale during quarantine last year and I too absolutely lost it. 😭 The way they brought everyone back for the final number was awesome, but the Matt/Mike moment was the best!

  2. This episode ruined the song ”I did it all” for me because every time I hear it a start balling my eyes out 😭😭

  3. 8:10 Darren wrote the song for glee its called 'This Time' so thats probably why you havent heard it 🙂

  4. Love your hair like this 😍😍😍

    (also it is so terrifying to me that you don’t read last chapters, that’s like the part i am looking forward to the whole book!!! Like I get that you don’t want it to be over, but still… don’t you want to know how it ends? 😱😱)

  5. I commented back on another Glee post I think around October (I can’t find it 🤪). Just wanted to updated I finished the series tonight. And the tears were flowing 😭 I knew no spoilers of the ending (I didn’t know anything of the series after they went to New York). ♥️

  6. They’re was a scene in the script where Mercedes and Sam get back together but they cut it.

  7. I'm so jealous of you only now dealing with Glee ending because I've been processing this for 6 YEARS

  8. Oh god, this is bringing back to how much of a complete and utter mess I was watching this episode!! Seriously, and I am NOT someone who cries easily whatsoever (to a degree that I'm actually self conscious about it), and I legitimately lost it with the Glee finale! Granted it wasn't a great time for me personally so that was probably part of it too, but also just… this show was my freaking happy show, man, and as happy as all the endings were, it was REALLY hard letting it go </3 I still have a hard time listening to the songs from this one. And it really does almost kind of hit even harder in 2020/2021 somehow, honestly. Just watching this reaction is making me all emotional haha.

    But yeah, I will say that I am so, so grateful that, for as much of a hot mess as this show could be, we got a pretty darn close to perfect ending <3 It's pure cheese and wish fulfillment, but let's be real, Glee was always all about embracing the cheese and just finding the joy in music and human connection, and that's exactly what the finale celebrated!

  9. Seeing Naya, actually Santana, portrayed in the fall of 2020 when she passed this summer made me sob more than I could ever imagine

  10. Funny enough I’m the age the OG glee club members were in the show that graduated in 2012.. I wish I did as much as their characters have done. I feel like I’ve done watching watching the glee finale 😂😂😂😭

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