After a meeting with President Biden and Vice President Harris, George Floyd’s family spoke with reporters outside the White House on May 25. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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29 thoughts on “George Floyd's family pushes for police reform bill after meeting with Biden”
  1. Race had nothing to do with Floyd's death. It was never mentioned during the trial and the cop wasn't charged with a hate crime. The media, Democrats, The Left and BLM just linked the killing to race. IT WAS ALL A LIE

  2. Once the police are defunded we’ll have peace and justice in our cities! Justice for George! Biden is part of the systemically rascist system!!!

  3. Joe understands. He has a worthless drug addict son who he's been enabling for years too.

  4. I'm sure he'll be meeting with Molly Tibbetts family soon too. And they'll be calling for border control.

  5. Biden speaking at the White House today: "I'm so sorry about what happened to Corn Pop. You know, he and I went back a long way. Wait, what's that? George who? Oh, right right. Well, to all the family members gathered here today, let me assure you – I will do everything in my power to ensure that we never forget the name of George Lloyd!"

  6. Haha. Ole Ben Crump wants people to remember his "legacy". A legacy of being a drug addict and a criminal

  7. Just had a 27 year old coworker commit suicide over a simple dui cost. That needs to change as not be such a screwing on your fist time. Not worth a 12ga to the head..

  8. You are aware that taking police out of black communities puts them at a greater risk right? The fact that y’all are pushing to actively harm minorities in this country is sick.

  9. People will be kicking themselves in regrets in few weeks if they miss this opportunity of buying and investing in Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency)

  10. Gunshots in Floyd No Go Zone. Well you were expecting peace? What in the name of everything normal is going on at and in our WhiteHouse . Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with helping Blacks. BLM stands for make money for liberal democrats and Buy Big Mansion as a kickback. The Biden Administration is lying to us. Riots and Crimes are increasing.

  11. They looked like bum's before. Funny how dressed up you are when you get 30 million. Cut the cancer out. Get rid of all Demorats

  12. George Floyd’s behavior on the day of his death and his miles long rap sheet are not the fault of the police.

  13. Congratulations to George Floyd, he been sober for a year now, great to see he turned his life around, and hes not robbing pregnant women and pointing loaded guns her stomach, hes not dealing crack or hurting people nemore..glad hes not shooting meth and fentynol any more…Congrats to mr floyd on his 1 year of sobrity and not being a carrer criminal

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