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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

After losing ice cream shop to an Israeli airstrike, this Gaza City man pleads for peace
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Under the threat of Israeli airstrikes, Ghaith Al-Rayyes talks about daily life and how his family’s ice cream business was demolished after an airstrike in Gaza City.

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19 thoughts on “Gaza family loses their ice cream business to an Israeli airstrike | USA TODAY”
  1. It is time we start giving the Palestinian people the same fighting chance that we give the Israelis. It is not our conflict to care about and we shouldn't be giving one an advantage over another. Unless you believe that without our aid the Israelis are too unintelligent to build their own rockets, in which case, the victor has already been determined.

  2. Stay strong and don't lose hope !
    Things can be repaired and replaced.
    Life can't.
    Thousands of Palestinians are fleeing their homes on foot not due to hamas but due to Israel.
    My heart breaks for the Palestinians !
    Im a stage 4 cancer patient and I will support the disadvantaged and the oppressed until my last breath.

  3. Yep, terrorists are scary. Maybe you should move to a safer area. They just using kids and civilians for pity. They dont even have the guts to fight like real men.

  4. Wonder how many American ice cream shops and other small businesses were destroyed by rioting dipshits this past year and a half. But yeah show me the one across the ocean

  5. Who would have thought harboring terrorists, condoning terrorist, would have consequences? This is shocking!!! Insurance maybe?

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