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Former police officer testifies in high-stakes trial in killing of Daunte Wright l GMA

Kim Potter took the stand in her own defense and broke down during her testimony on the shooting death of Wright during a traffic stop.

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  • hot bucket of diarrhea

    She was justified. Policy is clear , experts confirmed the use of lethal force was justified. The 🌎 is a better place because of this officers actions.

  • Andres Rodriguez

    Well, this reminds me of the Amber Guyner case of a former police officer whom shot and killed a black man in his apartment, because she was so drunk, she murdered a man whom she thought was in her apartment but in reality she broke in his apartment, her colleagues protected her, the victim's brother hugged her, the baliff was comforting Guyner by stroking her hair while she cried, she really didn't face the consequences, for her being irresponsible it seems like a running theme with female officers, they panicked, they shoot the perpetrator, she get comfort, they get punished to little or no jail time, no offense but frankly they're more privilege for females offended in the judicial system.

  • Another Arms

    Durante Wright is was a violent POS, and played a big role in his death. she has been a good cop for a long time, one big mistake, give her a slap on her wrist.

  • Holland GIVANCHI

    I don't buy it those are Crocodile 🐊 Tears here eyes are DRY🤔 her emotions are FAKE She is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY and she knew the difference between a GUN and a TASER 🧐 how many years of training did she get repeatedly 😮

  • Mike B

    IF you are unable to tell the difference between the weight of a plastic taser over a steel gun, you shouldn't be anywhere near either of them!!

  • J Sparker

    We need more of this kind of policing and less slaps on the wrist for violent criminals, he wanted to pretend to be a tough guy, now he’s dead. Don’t run in a car and put others in danger he could’ve hit a kid. Good riddance

  • Jeffrey Thiel

    -it wasn’t racially motivated whatsoever! it wasn’t a hate crime whatsoever!!
    and it wasn’t on purpose whatsoever!!
    – can the media ever get any information right whatsoever oh no never mind that’s why they’re losing every defamation case from Sandman to Rittenhouse shits going downhill quick for the MSM
    -she made a tragic mistake
    -i’m sorry for the families loss but again karma works in crazy ways he did have a weapon charge warrant hmm 🤔
    – he probably got away with doing something bad but the man upstairs is always watching karma works in mysterious ways!!! Sry not sry
    #CleanUpYouthMentalityAboutGunsGangsDrugsAndNegativeInfluentialMusic etc.BeProudOfYourCountryRaiseYourFamilyStopBeingAStatistic

  • RedBaboonAss

    A HUGE percentage (90%+) of officers will never unholster let alone fire their weapon during their entire career so it makes sense that she didn't realize she had pulled out her gun instead of her taser especially during the heat of the moment. Therefore I don't believe the killing was intentional yet that doesn't clear her of any wrongdoing so she should have to go to prison but it shouldn't be for murder, I believe a lesser charge is warranted. Anywhere from 5-10yrs I think is fair.

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