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Thursday, May 19News That Matters

Florida wages war on big tech censorship

Florida becomes the first state to punish social media platforms for banning political candidates. Attorney Stephen Luongo discusses how Big Tech may be tasked with regulating content, but lawmakers are tasked with protecting free speech.

Plus – President Biden suspends oil drilling leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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  • Samji Binjbinj

    Of course, Florida is now a Trump neighborhood since he is paying politicians and lawmakers in Florida against the giant tech company.

  • The_RealHead_Turner

    In Florida, We Don't Condone Fuckery! If Big Tech Feels Their Too Big, We Florida Residents Will Stop Using This Platform. One Thing I Know About The Gun Shine State, We're Very Unruly 🤣🤣🤞🏾

  • Steve Wonderbelt

    This bill is unconstitutional plain and simple. Why don't Republicans look into antitrust enforcement against these big tech firms instead of wasting time on bills they know will get struck down in court?

  • 113 Doctor

    You go Florida!
    Show these big tech, jail time!
    No, prison time!
    Dorsey and Zuckerberg need to go to prison ASAP!
    I tried to tell the social media companies, that if you do this, we the people will make laws and take control of your empires.
    You get what your owed.

  • Jonathan Gibson

    Big Tech is just laundered Olde Power. Back in the 90's the cypherpunks and nerds arrived with pockets of cash talking freedom, sharing, self-publishing… and the Blue Bloods freaked at this new power locus. They told their kids Go Digital and We'll Fund and then invaded Silicon Valley and sent along milspec minders to manage the kids. G-man Eric Schmidt doesn't even hide it. They reduced deals to smaller cadres of Ivy with nothing for workers like the good opportunity-hoarding class they are. I watched this invasion and see Pre-Crime now being wired in.

  • chrisbacos

    It dawned on me. DeSantis and the GOP controlled state house in Tallahassee signed a bill into law restricting voter access. In this case I am siding with big tech. After all the Republicans are supporters of free enterprise and seeing as how social media companies like Facebook and Twitter are privately owned I support their moves in banning some candidates.

  • J OTowner

    It’s not just the far right who is getting censored. The actual Left, which the DNC hates more than they hate Trump, has also been muzzled. The letter agencies have been at work with them for over 70 years.

  • Stefan Paul

    Free people must use other means of communications not penetrated by spying agencies & deep mafiotic state.
    Zuckerberg's FaceBook is contaminated by sionist globalism and doomed to go bankrupt.

  • Soulful Moment, LLC

    What happened to Parler being the conservative platform? Why aren't the conservatives and Republicans focused on building that into a social media conglomerate?

  • Hail Mary Recordings

    Social-media platforms must be compelled to follow our laws regarding free-speech.

    I understand it’s a private-company. Something must be done about that as well.

    These are public-utilities.

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