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Fauci and Paul's heated exchange on NIH research in China

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and infectious-disease expert Anthony S. Fauci clashed during a Senate hearing on July 20 over whether or not NIH funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan.

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  • Jasper Kensington

    Dr. Fauci is RESPONSIBLE for this entire thing; he’s been standing in front of us the whole time.
    He has great MOTIVE for lying, Congressman Paul has no reason to lie.
    “I highly resent you shining a light on my culpability for the death of the American economy & millions of people world-wide.”
    Why is this man not hanging from the gallows? Do only little people get punished anymore?

  • Joseph Dredd

    Fauci is lying.
    If you take an animal, do scientific research to increase transmissability to humans is GAIN OF FUNCTION research.
    Fauci is a liar

  • Apokatastasian !

    How much more of this do we need?

    this guy was funding dangerous research in an adversarial country in a facility that hillary clinton expressed bioweapons concerns about in 2009.

    these people knew the day they heard that a virus was spreading out of wuhan what had happened and they have stayed silent and lied and grabbed power.

    enough already of the linguistic waffling, where is the law?

  • Alan Heath

    There Biohazard Level 4 Lab already had bad reports so it came down to money he wanted it on the Cheap and they released it by accident.

  • Reba Henderson

    Like every Republican Paul is rude and talk over people and interrupt them when they answer questions.
    Dr. Fauci has to be allowed to answer the question because he is qualified, Paul is not.

  • Reality Preferred

    I guarantee there is something in the language of "gain in function research" that leaves certain science, that SEEMS similar, out of it. If we could just hear Dr. Fauci EXPLAIN without being interrupted, and have INTELLIGENT questions for him, we all might learn something. Paul is NOT an equal in ANY way to Dr. Fauci ! LET THE MAN EXPLAIN! STOP INTERUPTING HIM! Pitting these two against each other is worthless. Paul doesn't have the smarts he should have to be in the position he is in. And there is OBVIOUSLY a lot SO many folks don't understand about research GRANTS! ! it's appalling!

  • Hillbilly Crypto

    They are both deflecting… either way these viruses keep coming from China and since American politicians have handed world trade to them on a silver platter, it will keep happening

  • gaynor505

    In an email I sent directly to Fauci, over a year ago, I told him Adolf Hitler would have been proud to have had him working for him. History will expose Tony Baloney for the criminal that he is.

  • CJ Hall

    Way to go, doctor! those trump followers deserve to die from the disease. Just leave them alone and not to vaccinate them. Let them die!

  • Deadguy247

    Isn't Rand Paul the same guy who said children are unlikely to get the covid and can't transmit it last year? And also pushed all schools to open last year when we didn't have vaccines? I may not have agreed with all of Dr. Fauci recommendations, but generally he pushed for caution and safety. The other guy not even a little.

  • stdesy

    He puts up an article from the National Review? What’s next, Weekly World News? Did Bat Boy create CoViD? What a freaking joke

  • CaptainDerty

    If Paul isn’t alleging the virus caused the pandemic why did he allege that 3 million people died due to the research

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