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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Countries around the world are taking steps to tighten travel restrictions after a new coronavirus variant was identified in southern Africa.

The European Commission has recommended that EU countries introduce an “emergency brake” on all travel from the region in response.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is meeting to discuss the new variant.Please subscribe HERE



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18 thoughts on “EU advises border closures over new Covid variant as European case confirmed – BBC News”
  1. Why are world leaders still not tagging this lab grown? Because if this was naturally in nature, this could have been happening long time ago.

  2. This is so stupid! Obviously the virus will keep mutating. How do you think you get colds more than once during your lifetime? If virus didn’t mutate then you only would get a cold once in your life but they keep changing. Most probably covid will keep mutating too. So, if you think the vaccine will help then realise that you will have to be putting those chemicals FOREVER in your body and big pharma will make sure they get their money by producing “different” vaccines for the different mutations. Do you really want to do that to your body?

  3. there are 10 letters not used between delta variant and omicron – no doubt the politicians will get round to them eventually.

  4. …New variant!…. What a surprise! ……Sooo unexpected!! … the next… and the next …..and the next one will be😂🤣😆🤣😂.

  5. Fck off you sick knts…
    When your corrupted Journalists will dissapear off the streets and no one else will be availble to broadcast your shaits , then you'll understand your end is near…

    The Religion and all those comimtments have been invented so the loor will never kill tge rich ones…

    Otherwise…none of you would have been alive today….

  6. Contagion is a myth as Viruses do not spread infection and disease
    between people. Infection and disease is the immune system expelling
    toxins. PCR testing is entirely flawed

  7. So if this is the case what happens to those people who have already taken the third jab, does it mean they have get ready for the fourth one???…..No no no…there is a game going on here…and seems the game is already rigged …so the only way to win the game is not to play the game….Iam not taking any covid _19 jab, hope God given natural immunity will protect me. Period!!!

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