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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

England to relax international travel ban – BBC News

The international travel ban for England is to be gradually lifted from 17th May 2021.

It means travel from the UK for leisure purposes will no longer be illegal.

People will be able to travel to 12 countries on a ‘green list’ without having to quarantine on their return to the UK – including Portugal, Iceland, Israel, Singapore, Gibraltar, Australia and New Zealand

However strict rules on testing and quarantine will remain in place to protect public health.

Passengers are being warned to expect additional checks and longer queues at border points.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Caroline Davies.

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  • kecsubacsi

    To tell me , I can't go home was illegal. You use our Ł30000 per year to refurbishing the 10 Downing Street , and you use another houses as well, but I can't go home to my little house, because your secret service, and your another allies as well, made this stupid virus. What kind of person you? Oh , yes. If I lie, I must go to prison. If you, nothing happened. This is why politicians is politicians. They have very thick skin on the face……….Ł 200000 for refurbishment may be came from the extra profit of Premier Inn owner………shame on you, you know who you are…..


    don't forget the rules don't apply to these rich MPs who can go anywhere they want to there 2nd homes or call it a ( business ) trip


    if you are stupid enough to pay the massive increase cost of fights prepared to wait in line for hour after hour in checkout then possible pay to isolate when you get back . go ahead 🤣

  • M2300

    England's big Techs along with the banks and government are the problem. There'll be no relaxing, its more deflection propaganda news by the BS'BBC!

  • James Anderson

    No need to go on holiday abroad, risky Covid variants. The more people travel abroad, the more likely Fir Covid mutations

  • Muhammad Emmad


    Private and Confidential

    Pakistan High Commission
    34-36 Lowndes Square
    SW1X 9JN

    Dear Sir,

    RE: Muhammad Asif Hafeez (spelled Mahammad Asif Hafeez by HMP Belmarsh and prison no is: A4751EA)

    Further to my face to face meeting with Muhammad Aneel Sahab.

    I would like to bring your attention of a personal matter relating to my Uncle (Chacha Jaan) Muhammad Asif Hafeez to your attention.

    My Uncle was arrested on 25th of August 2017 on the request of US authorities and he’s currently detained in the High Security Unit (HSU) which by the UK government.

    I would like Pakistan High Commission to intervene and find out as to why a Pakistani national is held in the HSU without any proof or charge.

    He’s locked in for 23 hours a day, which is inhumane and should be against any human rights of a person.

    HSU is a prison, within a prison, within a prison (according to Ross Kemp, ITV investigation journalist who actually interviewed my Uncle as he was reporting on prisons in the UK February, 2020) where serious criminals and terrorists are kept.

    My Uncle is a reputable gold and silver commodities trader based in Dubai since past 30 years(+) and was on holiday in London when his apartment was raided and he was arrested by the say so of the US authorities.

    Ever since his arrest, he’s been fighting US extradition in the UK courts and now is waiting for a decision from ‘European Courts of Human Rights’ as his lawyers have pleaded his case there.

    My Uncle is being falsely linked up with a case relating to the Akasha Brothers and Vikki Goswami who are career criminals and drug traffickers and were apprehended in 2014 and in 2017 were taken from Kenya to the US and both the Akasha Brothers have been sentenced to 25 and 24 years respectively and Vikki Goswami become a state witness who is in their witness protection programme and has falsified and lied to the US authorities (on the US authorities say so) and has involved my Uncle into their case as my Uncle testified and got Vikki Goswami arrested in 1997 for drug related crimes in Dubai.

    So you see, the US authorities have given Vikki Goswami a chance to to take revenge on my Uncle for his arrest because the US authorities wanted my Uncle to assist the US government to get to Dawood Ibrahim, who is a family friend and is residing in Pakistan.

    Furthermore, my Uncle had previously informed both the UN and UK governments about human trafficking, illegal arms and drug shipments as a good humanitarian and the DEA and CIA were behind these illicit deals and they were angered and raged by the losses occurred and then started targeting my Uncle as their personal enemy.

    The US authorities and my Uncle had met each other on many occasions and they continuously demanded my Uncle’s cooperation to get Dawood Ibrahim and he’s refused blatantly and told them to take a hike as he’s not going to cooperate with them in their sinister plan to trap Dawood Ibrahim.

    My Uncle and I are only allowed to communicate via emails and letters and I have been waiting for security clearance by the HMP Belmarsh and only yesterday they had send me a questionnaire to fill out and send back with 4 photographs so they can start the process for obtaining clearance for me.

    I have been perusing with HMP Belmasrh to give me clearance as I am deeply concerned about his welfare and health as he’s a 63 year old man with healthy alignments since past many months and am moving at turtles pace due to all the red tape involved.

    On one the previous correspondences, my Uncle said that, ‘son my case is bigger than Wikileaks Julian Assange’ who is also in prison at HMP Belmarsh.

    I hope that you’re able to assist my Uncle through your diplomatic routes and I am sure that you’ll have far bigger impact when this matter is brought forward.

    Finally, being a powerful nation I hope that Pakistan is able to assist my Uncle as the way the US helped Raymond Davis (who’s a murderer with evidence against him to prove it) who was flown back to his country of origin through diplomatic means as my Uncle is innocent and should be released on bail (at least) and if not deported back to Pakistan to prove his innocence in the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the US authorities.

    My email is fauadtariq76@hotmail.com and my UK cell number is +44 7438 407 368 and I am available to assist you in any way or manner, so if you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to revert back.

    I look forward hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Mohammad Fauad Tariq Hafeez

  • Madan Cephalus

    Behalf of youth of the nation I request you not to do any lockdown in our country.
    Leave the Life of the people's in there own hand. Let them take care of themselves.
    From Monday from 10th May to 14days complete lockdown announced but it's not complete lockdown it's just a 'Curfew'.
    Because of Negligence of people Corona is spreading like anything in our country.

    Corona is just a Sample of bio war.
    Tomorrow or in the future 1000s of various Virus gonna come which will be more cruel then the Corona.

    To survive among this virus each every mankind is required "HYGINE".

    How much lock down you will do sir.
    For corona only this much struggle means our generation should Die in by surviving in lock down itself.

    If everyone follow proper HYGINE and be alert about virus and having some presence of mind means. There is no need of lock down in our country.

    Important points :-
    1. Being Hygine should come into every one mind like a everyday routine they do like Brushing the teeth, taking bath, wearing dress , etc.
    2. @tv9kannada @publictvnews request Media not to blame the government. Wearing mask and using sanitizer and maintaining Hygine should become the Human nature and normal man character , and his daily routine, if he neglecting about Hygine fine let them Die with Viruses.
    3 Did the government taught the people how to wash there Back after going for washroom??
    Did the Government taught the people that we should wear underwear first later on that we should wear Trousers???
    Did Government taught people that to how to eat food???

    Now why Citizens of our country and Media's of country expecting that government has to teach the HYGINE?????

    Being Hygine is Mad Kind Quality.
    It was there In our country from past Because of Negligence of PEOPLE
    Because of Laziness of PEOPLE
    They forgot that and stopped following it .

    Example : leaving footwear out and washing legs and hands and face and coming inside was orginated from.our country because of Laziness and Negligence people stopped following because of that Viruses started coming inside the home.

    I request Government to announce a one Rule to all the people in our country.

    " If YOU( every citizens of our country) maintain correct HYGINE ,wear mask and use Senitzer and if you be alert and careful of what is happening around you then you will easily survive for long term without getting infected of virus.
    If you do neglect and be lazy to be Hygine and to wear mask ane use sanitiser then you will DIE by getting infected of virus and That died person himself will be the reason for his OWN death not the government.

    Being 23yrs old youth and many youths like me are in fear not because of virus because where we will Die in lock down itself. We are ready to follow the HYGINE and wear mask and use sanitiser because we need to achieve something. But if you people lock us inside the home like this what we should achieve????

    What is the guarantee that Carona is the only last Virus?? In future other viruses will not come ?? What is the guarantee???

    At that time also Lock down only is the solution right???? @CMofKarnataka @narendramodi sir ???

    Person will only die when he remove his mask and roam outside and not using sanitiser and taking the vaccine and not maintaining the HYGINE he will get Infected and he will die.
    This is full and full his mistake .

    That much Negligence and that much laziness why these kind of people is required for our nation???

    Please do something for youth of our nation once our time runs out of hand then we are no more youths!!!

  • Чебурашка

    Whats to stop you getting a flight to Portugal hiring a car then driving to wherever you wish in the EU ?

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