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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

The House Oversight Committee released a series of emails Tuesday that show how former President Trump and his allies pushed to have the Justice Department investigate false claims of election fraud. CBS News reporter Melissa Quinn joins CBSN’s “Red & Blue” host Elaine Quijano with details of what those emails said and how DOJ officials responded.

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26 thoughts on “Emails show Trump and allies pressured Justice Department on 2020 election results”
  1. This is so dumb the emails do not show any pressuring of anyone they were simple request to look into possible fraud

  2. When you lose you will do anything to win even the cause of our democracy. It’s very sad we have this kind of human being born in the our country.

  3. Yeah, what a Pathetic dark mind ^^vv ..All the documents of any political power mis-user must be released and broadcast to the world. Yeah, to the unfiltered public, as they had been doing for a few years now. Mind-reads too. What goes around must make a full circle to reach for them, the politRicians.


  5. if they do not comply, treat them like we everyday people get treated…lock them up, enough of the stonewalling and just plain stupid antics. THIS IS AMERICA, STAND UP AND LET THEM KNOW. WE ARE DONE WITH CRIMINALS. VOTE BLUE, WE CAN DRAIN THE SWAMP.


  7. It seems as if former president Trump used poor judgment in leaving behind these emails that prove he tried to force the DOJ to do his bidding. In that way, his claim of being a "very stable genius" is a joke.

  8. Since there was blatant voter and election fraud….there is no reason to not investigate those issues. President Trump did win.

  9. DOJ… he wanted this investigated and so do 75 + million voters …. now AZ audit will first domino to fall.
    Why did ruby and her daughter go on to work in Georgia's senate election? Was being caught at state farm arena caught on security footage stuffing voting machines with ballots from under the table suitcases at 2am not enough? How many ballots did they ram through? Give American citizens a break… current attorney general is reportedly threatening AZ audit… which is most secure ever conductucted and will stand up 100% in court no matter what adjectives are inserted to discredit…. same people who lied about Wuhan Lab…. and censored real medical doctors and scientists… Are they qualified to censor a medical doctor for a medical opinion? Or a scientist for a theory that is very plausible and has not been "Debunked" Wake up people…. Wake Up….

  10. Trump trying yet another avenue to overthrow our democracy is neither shocking or surprising. The only sad thing is that there is literally nothing he could do to loose the adulation of his worshippers, and they are the poor people we need to help try to get back to reality.
    But, right now, he could throw a toddler in a woodchipper on tv and Lyndsey Graham and Ron Desantis would literally fight each other for the "honor" of suckling his nut sweat…and his worshippers would approve.
    That is the sad current state of today's GOP.

  11. Donald Trump is a disgrace the the USA. A Twice Impeached One Term president who refuses to admit he lost.
    And not only cheated and continues to lie about it, he also attempted a coup through an armed insurrection of domestic terrorist thugs at the US capital Jan. 6th.. The world saw it live on TV. It will not be denied or swept under the rug.

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