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Dozens dead in violent protests in South Africa over Jacob Zuma arrest – BBC News

At least 45 people have now died in the violence that has been engulfing parts of South Africa since the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma last week.

This includes 10 people killed in a stampede during looting on Monday night at a shopping centre in Soweto, the country’s biggest township.

Almost 800 people have been arrested in the unrest that began last Thursday and turned violent over the weekend.


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  • Ignatius Dube

    The looting we see now is what has been happening at Government level by politicians ;they are failing to stop it because they started it.e.g Malema was once charged for it and hope Gigaba is next

    People are jus upset because the God father of looters has been jailed .Africans complain about corruption ;protest ;destroy the county and even die in support of Corrupt leaders.

  • Michaelle Mcgill

    The world going crazy they copies each other Haiti.Cuba .Africa destroy business riot looting and those country are poor after that they all want help charity from America

  • ShayBear Peter

    Who is coordinating this? What kind of question is this? And she is answering the question. Really? We can see EVERYONE looting here. Supporters or none supporters….plz

  • sir cull

    As bad as it might sound, This is what the African National Congress has wrought upon their own nation. Mandela created it and these are the fruit.

  • ChiPhiChi Crysalis

    It's not helping.. Ruining your home place is not t the business. You have to live there. Smh. Just crazy

  • MalumFash Entertainment

    I can’t help but think political forces are at play here…this is an attempt to destabilise the country and they are being allowed to succeed

  • Snake Eyes

    Wow! Mr Zuma he was the leader of these people.

    Clearly the type of people is the type of leader

    Corrupted leader
    Corrupted followers

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