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Delta variant accounts for 93% of U.S. COVID cases

The Delta variant now makes up more than 93% of circulating coronavirus cases in the U.S. Experts warn the surge will likely get worse in the coming weeks. As CBS News’ Manuel Bojorquez reports, Florida and Texas are leading the nation in new infections. Then, Dr. Elizabeth Clayborne, an adjunct assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, joins CBSN’s Lana Zak to break down the day’s headlines.

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  • Ghost of the Tuskegee Experiments

    How about you tell us how you differentiate between the two? Still haven’t heard anything about this

  • TheresNo Covid19

    "elective surgery put on hold"
    Meanwhile my girlfriends been waiting on her cancer treatment for almost 2 years and the hospital is empty.
    This is war on the human population.

  • You’re Beautiful

    FUN FACT: America forces children to endure the TRAUMA of active school shooter drills in the name of FREEDOM.

    But wearing a mask to school and Costco TYRANNY.

    Make it make sense. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Alicia Alexander

    Why are not not reporting the adverse effects of the vaccine such as shingles? If you look in the comment threads you will find that so many people are reporting blister outbreaks. Once they remove the liability waivers which protects the pharmaceutical companies & the US government from being held accountable, only then MAYBE will I consider it. Since the Pademic occurred I have only been sick 1 time & that was in February of 2020. I am certain I contracted Covid, but that was before Covid & testing had became known in the US. I excercise daily, and eat a healthy diet. Does my natural immunity not matter? Can't I still catch Covid whether I'm vaccinated or not? The CDC still suggests that we still wear masks weather fully vaccinated or not……Please make this make sense 🤔

  • Bill York

    Cases. Based on a test that the inventor of it said it was not to detect virus. It's a lie. 40 cycles and a goat and a fruit were positive. Test my car. I'm terrified. DELTA. ( Come fly with me). Next name. Next name. It's all Greek to me. tel LIE vision. That's why they called it fall PROGRAMING. Now it all seasons.

  • Los Angeles Development

    I (and everyone) else wants to know how they are even testing for the Delta variant. Or is anyone that triggers the PCR (not even meant for Covid testing) considered Delta variant at this point since regular covid is played out.

  • Magin

    I told you there was a super-spreader narrative coming a few weeks ago.
    Here you go:

  • Davelle Coleman

    In the immortal words of Vegeta, "The strong will find a way to survive, and the weaklings will perish." It seems crass to say that in modern times, but it's literally what's gotten us to this point. If everyone gets the virus, the population will thin out, and there will be less competition for limited resources. Sorry grandma, I love you, but you knew this was coming…

  • Here and Clear

    Over 60% of our black population still is unvaccinated despite a year long siege on our downtowns for justice. Why this group holds back the progress of our country is baffling. We have provided free vaccines, free transportation and support for a "Justice for All" campaign. Yet, this one group is the most unvaccinated in our country. Come on black brothers! Your keeping the rest of the country in an economic stranglehold!


  • Ask Why

    And…. Action!

    “…two weeks to flatten the—“

    “Wait, I think I’ve seen this before—“

    Just read the script!

  • sammm bou

    while thousands stream across the border bringing the wuhan viurs with them and being shipped by plane or bus all over to spread it all around while not letting us citizens go into places. smh thanks to our village idiot and the vp had not done one thing with the border since she was put in charge of it she just laughs

  • Davelle Coleman

    If the Lord don't keep me, I simply won't be kept. "GOD HAS NOT GIVEN US THE SPIRIT OF FEAR, BUT OF POWER AND OF LOVE AND OF A SOUND MIND"

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