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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

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It’s Monday 31 May 2021. Our top stories this morning 0:00

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20 thoughts on “Covid vaccination programme steps up a gear in England @BBC News live πŸ”΄ BBC”
  1. Depopulation programme by bill gates , poison vaccines destroy immune sysem, testing stuffs poisons up ur nose to ur brain

  2. Boris has changed gear to navigate his road map a bit quicker! He’s been stuck in reverse for ages! At least the Covid passport has been cancelled!, at the moment. I’d don’t know if he did he married, on is wedding photo he's got NO wedding ring on. Perhaps he couldn’t afford one, probably trying to pay for his wall paper!

  3. 2:08 They are admitting the first jab rate has been abysmal!!!
    This whole shebang at Twickenham is mainly for those YET TO have even one dose!
    Seems the truth of the matter is most people HAVEN'T had the vaccine!
    It matters not the army going round the streets ( as the BBC keeps saying and I have yet to see ) I shall tell them to go away, just the same as a convid support jobsworth.

  4. Join the White Rose on Telegram. Only way to counter this propaganda is with logic! They have Stickers that they can send you for free, some very good powerful designs. Similar way the people resisted The Hit ler PROPAGANDA

  5. β€œMy body, my choice”. Acceptable for pro choice abortions, but apparently not for many people who refuse the j*b.

  6. So you're not going to report on the 100 thousand people who marched against covid in London πŸ˜‚ BBC corrupt as ever. Turn off that TV licence

  7. Idiots oh idiots. Idiots. Idiots idiots. Idiotsss idiots oh oh oh oh idiots 🎢🎀

  8. NHS sold out to traitors and got a 1% pay rise. Now they are being told to take the same poison they have murdered, coerced ppl into taking. All accountable from top to bottom. Which includes those conspiracy deniers who have facilitated traitors over the years, even when they know what to expect. Treason being a capital offence. Keep digging, show how fully committed you are to them.

  9. Nice to see how the BBC are thinking of Lisa Shaw and her family and loved ones. Now go do some real media and report on real life . Witch people are trying to get across and you as a public funding company wont talk up about.

  10. Experimental vaccines for a virus with a survival rate of 99.9%. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Only idiots will buy that.

  11. If this disease was so bad, there wouldn't be this absolute desperation, and endless propaganda by the BBC, and others for you to take it, do the vulnerable, ok, no one else needs it, the science tells us that with the survival rate. Vaccine,vaccine,vaccine, yeah we know, many of us don't want it, get that?shut up and change the record, your desperation is embarrasing

  12. Connect the Dots People ….
    1. If Asymptomatic spread exists – Why has it never been shown to occur in any empirical data ?
    2. If the PCR test works – Why the mass false positives?
    3. If the mask works -Why the six feet?
    4. If the six feet works – Why the masks?
    5. If all three works – Why the social distancing?
    6. If all four works – Why the Lockdowns?
    7. If all five works – Why the vax?
    8. If the vax works – Why do people care if I get it or not? (They can't get sick if it works)
    9. If the vax is safe – Why no liability clause from Big Pharma?
    10. If the PCR test works – Why did Kary Banks Mullis (PCR inventor) say "PCR can NOT be used to determine if someone is positive or negative with ANY virus"
    11. If Kary Mullis was not a threat to their agenda – Why did he die in unexplained circumstances just a few months before anyone ever heard of Covid-19?
    12. If Sars-Cov-2 actually exists and is not a re-labelled flu strain – Why, according to the CDC has it NOT been isolated ?
    13. If there is no agenda – Why is the media, governments, Gates and other elite oligarchs trying desperately to inject the entire world with an "EXPERIMENTAL DRUG" ????
    14. If all 13 are conspiracy – Why the unprecedented, largest, coordinated mass censorship campaign against Scientist, Doctors, Lawyers and free speech in Human History ???

    …. The Vax was NOT brought in for Covid — Covid was brought in for the Vax — Once you realize that, everything else makes sense" — Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – ….

  13. Oh you the UK government closed there eyes to the India and that area who had Covid bad there and let them fly back to the UK all under the let us be very PC as there Asian, now we all of us and business's have got to pay the price for a LEFT-WING Pc cowards mistake, just look at where the MASS vacinations are going on ..YES you worked it out ….you really could not make this up if you tried ..I GIVE UP IN THE BLOODY UK . and yes I am also on one knee at the moment !!!! packing my suitcases as to when I can leave this POXY country.

  14. Freedom grabbing greedy dominating elite governments loving the power of manipulating the people of the country

  15. It’s not a vaccine . Do some research it’s not a vaccine in any way . But go ahead and take it but leave the sensible ones who don’t want to be guinea pigs alone . Cheers .

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