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COVID-19: What to know about new testing requirements for air travel | JUST THE FAQS

Here’s how new COVID-19 air travel requirements will affect your next international trip.
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The U.S. has updated requirements for international air travel. From testing to mask mandates, here’s what you need to know before booking a flight.

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  • Robert Marmaduke

    Google seems broken. Must be last minute jostling before tomorrow's No Jab No Job deadline. Today is Pearl Harbor Day. 2,403 Americans died. Tomorrow is Biden's EO 14042 Day. 10,000,000s made jobless. No unemployment insurance! They can drive Uber/Lyft for rent money, while their families starve, until they get Delta from some 'vaccinated' Super Spreader, on his way home from the bars. Then comes the hearse, the cardboard coffin and the crematorium. Christmas is cancelled.

  • Peace of Mind Enterprises 2017

    So Covid 20 has spread across the globe.Simple question How how is it being spread, masking check,testing check, lock downs check,wash hands check, un social distance check, what else oh vaccination check, booster check, second booster check.

    I got it more laws made after the ‘crime’
    No I got it make Australia a Quarantine Zone.
    We’re working on it mate.
    Ok so that’s a check then?
    Of course when do we get paid?
    I have to check, thanks Botany bay.
    Well ring me back we need to build more camps.
    Peace of mind out,love.
    Ps Why don’t kids get it? Maybe someone could check on that. The question is:WHO we gonna call?
    This is no doubt The United silent American scream and the Whole worlds silent scream

    No no let’s impeach a President
    You Americans are either electing a jack ass or impeaching an elephant
    No elect an elephant and impeach a jackass
    Seems like a lot of busy work , mate, makes me want to nap
    Oh we’re used to it. It does makes US sheep-eee though

  • Richard Landis

    Want to ensure your safety through the Paranoia Pandemic? Ignore the vaccine mandates, turn off the Fake News MSM, eat healthy, exercise, take proper vitamins and supplements as needed, and a dram of usquebaugh. Enjoy.

  • phil pugliese

    150,000 foreigners entered America last month over our southern border, 60% are infected, they are given a court date $1,000 in cash and a bus ticket anywhere in the U.S. And these jokers are talking about air ports? Seriously?

  • Computer Products

    So we have a new mild variant and Delta numbers are going up during cold and flu season. You don't say? I guess the good thing about covid is it cures all other diseases.

  • Surfview Gardens

    The Guidestones Covid Vaccine Program is in full swing. The Moronic variant is much milder, yet they want to shut down the world and further pressure the unvaccinated into their Eugenics program. Resist and be one of the 500 million surviving this mass extermination effort.

  • Lacedarius McKnightenberg

    Travel is supposed to be reserved for the elite under the WEF’s Great Reset. Everything looks to be going as planned.

  • HomieDClown

    It’s not a “cure” if people are dying.
    It’s not “research” if they are deleting opposing views.
    It’s not “data” if the adverse reactions and deaths are being censored and not included.
    It’s not “science” if you’re not allowed to question it.

  • Edward Carberry

    The Rapid Test .
    Tap water tests POSITIVE for Covid-19!
    Or the sample has Covid-19 on it!
    So have you tested Positive using the rapid test?
    A Goat , Motor Oil, Coke, Red Bull, Kiwi , Paw Paw Fruit have tested Positive for Covid-19. So now tap water can be added to that List! How genetically close are you to those?!

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