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It’s Friday 28 May. Our top stories this morning 0:00

Up to three quarters of new UK Covid cases could be of the Indian variant, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said.

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17 thoughts on “Covid-19: Up to 75% of new UK cases could be Indian variant, Matt Hancock @BBCNews live πŸ”΄ BBC”
  1. The world's biggest scam ever. Its time to round all these corrupt idiots up and trial them for TREASON.

  2. Black, white and yellow fungus double mutant variant "upgrade" by the manufacturers of this virus 😐

  3. Don't worry they'll soon throw out another vaccine that the sheep can use to tackle the new variant. Can't believe people would still buy this crap.

  4. Just get your vaccines now this variant has been allowed into the country you will have to live with it get on with your life any backtracking on release of lockdown could result in serious civil unrest including race riots as certain sectors of the community could be blamed for it Then the government will have a huge problem

  5. Hancock is as slimy and gibberish as a slug. He is lying as soon as he opens his putrid gap.

  6. humanity has under gone a deep state of mass hypnosis they have been programed by mainstream media they are far to gone to wake up to the truth now
    the human race as we know it could well and truly be on its way out due to it own ignorance

  7. Can you stop this Indian Variant shit ………… when its said chineese variant its called racist and now Indian variant isn't racist ……….. this your equality th

  8. I was in the high street today, the sun was shining and lovely and warm but I felt dread it was all going to be snatched away from us again with another lockdown😷

  9. Anyone looking for a natural covid cure?
    Sources I've used include:
    The earl Mendell's Vitamin Bible.
    Brenda Leedy(colodial siver)
    It smothers viruses.
    Facebook had a person say something about hot water killing the virus.
    The discovery Channel on how viruses attack the body.

    #1 get a thermos.
    #2 boil water.
    #3 add boiling water to thermos.
    #4 add 10,000mg of vitamin C
    #5 add 25-50 MG of zinc.
    #6 add 1/8 tsp of Colodial silver.
    #6 seal and shake thermos till ingredients are mixed.
    #7 pour mixture in coffee cup and sip.
    #8 once you can actually start gulping the mixture do so.
    #9 do this atleast 2 times in one day.
    This should clear and kill the virus.
    Then continue to eat normally.
    Get rest.
    Include orange juice in your diet.
    People with organ transplants should just use Hot water with an 1/8 tsp of colodial silver.

    DONT NOT DRINK COLODIAL SILVER. it can pigment your skin to blue or grey.
    Just a little will do.
    If you have an organ transplant you can not boast your immune system. It will reject your organ.
    Hot water and colodial silver should do the trick.

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