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COVID-19 cases rising again as vaccinations lag in U.S.

The number of COVID-19 cases is on the rise again in the U.S. CBS News’ Bradley Blackburn joins “CBSN AM” with more on the impact of the highly contagious Delta variant and what the Biden administration is doing to encourage vaccinations.

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  • atheist28403

    Yeah, of course cases have risen, it's called Fourth of July travel and gatherings.
    Personally, I blame the Biden administration. I mean, how can anyone resist spending the holiday with family and friends when the Biden admin reduced the cost of a BBQ by $0.16?! You can't pass up an opportunity like that, it's just too good to miss!

  • kwai shiu

    There are barriers for virus to jump from animals to humans, bur from human to human, virus would have a field day transmitting and mutating, good luck

  • Dan Jones

    Well if a popstar says its a good idea to get vaccinated it must be 🤣 and people who are vaccinated are spreading the virus too so the argument that we should put young people at risk to protect old people is not morally permissible.

  • Oppressed Speaker of truth

    Stop spreading these covid lies already. We know your covering for your wealthy bosses and politicians who own these media companies

  • Misty Rainbow

    NONE OF THESE VACCINES STOP ANYONE FROM GETTING COVID 19 OR ANY OF THE VARIENTS! The only purpose of this vaccine, according to the Mayo Clinic website is to help boost the immune system to help the body fight the virus so you don't end up in the hospital or dead! And, THIS IS NOT PROVEN AS A FACT EITHER! What everyone should be asking is "Why is the government pushing vaccines like a "snake oil" salesperson"? The vaccine is only approved by the FDA as "emergency use only"! This means it is only "experimental"! None of these vaccines stop anyone from getting the disease! The side effects if these vaccines are deadly, and include serious heart problems, Anaphylactic Shock, and 1000's who have died just from taking the shot! And, many scientists fear these shots will alter the DNA and RUIN your immune system so you will die from a common cold! And, even worse than the vaccine pushing has been the propoganda campaign to make people think Covid is Gone, you can take off your mask and have lots of social contact if vaccinated! This kind of relentlessly false information has resulted in Soaring Covid cases and death! WAKE UP AMERICA! IT ALWAYS WAS THE TAKING OF A SHOT THAT WAS GOING TO CHANGE EVERYTHING! Now that day is here and 1/2 THE country acted like "shepple" and freely took the shot! It is only a matter of time until the "true consequences of taking these vaccines becomes evident! Then the government will say "No-one forced you to take it"!

  • Dillon Wood

    Wear mask stay six feet away get vaccinated now please do it there are cases climbing again in most states delta variant all the kids teenagers must get vaccinated now and that will make sure all the adults like my dad who finally changes his about and took the first dose of the vaccine and my dad mark wood is only just 4 weeks away from his dose dose of the vaccine so that he can be fully vaccinated and young adults like my sister Lindsey wood and my brother in law Justin kochman who I’m begging for them to finally change there minds about getting vaccinated and fully vaccinated so that Lindsey and Justin are getting married next month and I can see states in America to change from low vaccinated rates to the highest vaccination rates this pop star Olivia rodrigo who came to visit joe Biden at the White House is gonna help get all the people vaccinated and fully vaccinated to save the world and to say goodbye to the covid19 and delta variant for good the cases and hospitalization are rising again plus it’s getting worse before it gets better unless all the people changes there minds about getting vaccinated

  • daughter of Kirill

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