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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

As an early study suggests two vaccine doses may not fully protect against catching the Omicron variant, could tougher Covid regulations be coming? Please subscribe HERE

Early analysis of UK Omicron and Delta cases showed the vaccines were less effective at stopping the new variant.

But a third booster prevents around 75% of people getting any Covid symptom.

Meanwhile, Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove, who chaired a meeting with first ministers of the devolved nations this afternoon, warned the UK faces a “deeply concerning situation”.

Should the government act preemptively at the risk of doing so prematurely, and with tangible economic damage? Or should they wait?

But as the UK reports another 58,194 daily Covid cases – the highest daily total since 9 January – tough judgement calls await.

Newsnight’s David Grossman reports.

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Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.



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22 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Could tougher Covid rules be coming? – BBC Newsnight”
  1. Facts original and Kent variants. Over 30,000 in hospital with around 40,000 new cases daily. Delta now up to 58,000 case per day 7400 in hospital and shows lower trend in hospital admissions over 3 months and death rates are lower. Every mutation so far has shown a reduced level of hospital cases.

  2. It’s like saying there is a leak, but it’s on a none slip floor so the chances of slipping is remote, but as a precaution the whole floor area is closed

  3. How do you know they won't be dredging up a new variant every year from now on, just in time for Christmas. There are thousands of Covid variants. The Government can take their pick!

  4. You have to question the logic of our experts. They are saying if we catch Omicron we gain Natural Immunity. But if you caught it when it had a different name. They never recognised Natural Immunity. Both in the Media or for there covid passport.

  5. Only here for the comedy comments from the scared conspiracy sheep and anti vaxers, who have been brainwashed with stupid conspiracies and dangerous Misinformation that still keeps them under control and in fear of their lives. Their comments are comedy gold. 😂😂

  6. X-mass marks the Great Tribulation START and Rapture of the Saints !!!!

    years of Chaos, Pain & Sorrow !

    years of War, Famines, Plaques !

    years of Lies, Lust, Greed & Sin !

    years of Idolatry, Vanity, Perversity !

    years of NWO, Rebellion, Selfishness !

    years of Satan, Demons & Destruction !

    years of Earthquakes, Volcanos and God's consuming Fire !

    Repent and Seek our Father YHWH !

    Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life !

    God have Mercy on us all !

  7. No. Because omicron is a mild variant which means the Boris is weakening through its mutation. The reprehensible BBC is hyping it all up again. No need for anymore lockdown or restrictions.

  8. May e someone can explain to all those non-believers out there, that several doses of a vaccine are in no way unusual. For a Hepatitis B vaccination to be effective for instance, one needs three injections in total if you’re over the age of 15.

  9. Of course your life matters, just not more than everyone else's lives, that's all. We all are impacted in our mental health from lockdowns, some more than others but isolation is not healthy. What is even more unhealthy, is 1000 dying every day who didn't have to die. It wasn't long ago.

    Think of it this way, in every generation there is a crisis people are asked to stand up to. Your forefathers fought nazis on the beaches and on the landing grounds, now it is your time to rise up to a global crisis. And what you're asked to do is….. sit your ass on the sofa, watch some netflix, eat some crisps. Can you handle that?

  10. Dithering on implementing control measures was the error made in tackling the Delta variant . Omicron is 5-6 times faster , it may not kill you but the key thing is the magnitude or scale of infections. Millions of people quarantined will kill businesses but safety comes before business survival.

  11. Boris and he's chums will just carry on as normal while we are expected to do what they say well they can shove lockdown up there arse I'm still going to go to my mates when ever i want

  12. People need to look after their own health! Thats how we reduce deaths and hospitalisations, not by giving billions to the big pharmaceutical companies who don’t pay taxes, for “vaccines” that only last a few months!

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