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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Falk has also denounced what he calls “the global legalization of rogue behavior embedded in the UN Charter” which vests a right of veto in the five permanent members of the Security Council, the only organ within the UN system with the authority to reach binding decisions.

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12 thoughts on “Confronting the Ruling Elite”
  1. We've all been in the"post colonial" period since before Vietnam was invaded, before Algeria was colonized by the French. There's a lot of military might in the hands of outright denialists.

  2. RT it is time to do news again but RT news never includes criticism of communist, Marxist or Islamic totalitarian fascists. Not that the oligarchy of the west is anybetter but unbiased RT is not.

  3. Graphics make no distinction between NVA and Viet Cong. Viet Cong did not shoot down 900 planes. North Vietnam had access to weapons, technology and training from China and USSR that created most sophisticated air defense system in the world. So idea that North Vietnam were poor rice farmers who only had muskets is not true. Rational people knew the US and USSR could never fight a war against each other during the Cold War. That massive amount of arms buying of US was corporate welfare. None of the proxy wars were going to change relationship between US and USSR. USSR stupidly joined this arms race and bankrupted itself because despite its massive wealth in resources it was cut off from global trade by US.

  4. Most diabolical things that are done, were done in the name of righteousness

  5. The UN is an extension of colonial powers to further their hegemony and oppresse the masses. With veto powers.
    Rightfully called Le machin. By thé late général De Gaulle.

  6. I love simple English . Let's not beat around the bush and tell it how it really is . Don't try to complicate the issue by using sophisticated words because some uneducated people like me get easily confused .
    This professor is trying to say that the united nation is powerless and therefore useless . It is basically a bullshit cover-up .

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