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Common Mistakes New Tanks Make | New Player Guide

In the world of Final Fantasy XIV tanking is a powerful role and one that can come with its fair share of anxiety. Here are some common mistakes that a new tank or even a returning player might make when playing FFXIV. Hopefully, this helps players who are thinking of tanking jump in and feel ready to take on any challenge this game will throw your way.

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  • DragonAIDS

    Another thing to keep in mind for new tanks is using Provoke correctly. Provoke puts you 1 "point" above the highest aggro. So if you just use provoke and then dont immediately follow up with another attack, you will lose it again right away.
    Also if you already have aggro using Provoke does literally nothing. I know it sounds dumb but i saw a tank using it on cooldown… I guess they thought it dealt enmity to establish more aggro, but this is not the case.

  • Mazikeen_AKA_Maze

    I’m a new player. I got the game a week ago and I’d never played ff or any game like it before. I’m currently on lvl 37 and I hadn’t any problems in battle before or at least not one that I had noticed or that anyone pulled me up on. My next party mission is to battle Titan and I was playing and then I got kicked from the party and then I saw people talking in the chat like “all tanks are the same” and “I thought no one chose that class anymore”. I feel like an idiot and I feel bad too. I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong. Anyways, thanks for this video I’ll use the tips you shared and hopefully I don’t make people mad again.

  • Zachary Bryant

    I don’t pull all the mobs at once since I’m always pugging. I know this may irritate some players but I don’t like risking the healer getting mad then leaving or overwhelming them if they don’t like it

  • Yuiyuriyu

    As a new tank who doesn’t really know keyboard controls too well I usually just stand in all the circles and take all the damage, is there any tips I can get to improve my gameplay I’m lv 30 on the quest for WAR and eventually DARK but I feel like I’m lacking in my duties and letting down teammates in dungeons

  • Victor Amaya

    I'm pretty new to this game and I've started as a MAR/WAR. Some of this is pretty intrinsic I feel, but it's nice to know I'm doing a good job!
    I HAVE A QUESTION THOUGH! What should my mitigation rotation be? I have 3 mitigation skills right now; (just hit LVL 54) Rampart, Vengeance and Reprisal. What should my rotation for be for these skills? I always start of the fight right off with Rampart, then Reprisal, then vengeance …. one after another. Is there is better way? I'll eventually take over as a DRK when I get there, but for now I dont want to continue to build bad habits that will hurt me in the harder content. Thanks in advance everyone!

  • Michael

    Just to clarify, after running past the enemy hold that position. When his aoe areal lights up, move out of the way then return to the original starting position? New player btw.

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