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CNN suspends Chris Cuomo indefinitely for abetting brother's predatory behavior

CNN’s primetime news presenter and television personality Chris Cuomo has been suspended indefinitely amid a steady drumbeat of criticism over the extent that he brought his influence in media to bear in muting coverage and diverting journalistic attention from the accusations against his brother, disgraced former governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, who is accused of sexual harassment to which he subjected women at his workplace. Lionel of Lionel Media and “Eat the Press” host Steve Malzberg join Faran Fronczak to weigh in.

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  • Cannn Thon

    CNN ratings is circling the drain for years! Stakeholders want change. They can’t sell the company because no one wants to buy it…and it is a dumpster fire at this point. CNN is desperately trying to clean house. HOPE IT GOES BANKRUPT AND CLOSE FOR GOOD. ABC= CBS= NBC need to pay attention! They are next!!

  • protoword

    CNN has to fire their agenda also…I think it would be the biggest point of return their viewers! Stop scarring people over Corona virus, Don’t support unsupportive stuff, eliminate old Wolf Blitzer, get out boring woman anchor, etc…

  • ragnarmiami

    he probably grabbed a CNN employee himself, they say his brother is a pig too, not to mention intimidating the victims , investigating them cause of his "connections '

  • Mate Jebach

    No. CNN suspended Cuomo because of immense campaign against both brothers bending knees before your owners. There was no predatory behaviour, just ordinary harlot campaign against brothers who annoy some billionaires. Older brother were presidential capacity, and it scared people who knew that he was not easy to obey. So he and they have to be removed for all times.

  • SeiMaiSei

    They are part of the Patrician Elite. They will return sooner or later. We will have the MSM allowing them to tell us all how they have reflected deeply on what happened (note: not what they did) and learned from it. They have learned from their experience and now want to serve (get paid a lot again) the public with their new-found humility.

  • E Walker

    Character assissination is a tool used to get rid of those who are of a threat. The New York Attorney General, Letitia James is going for Governor Cuomo's old job. Yet she's spent years investigating Trump to no results. Didn't take her long to compile a report on Governor Cuomo.

  • Rick 'The Greatest Poster' Ever

    Ironically, America's most "trusted" and "reliable" REAL NEWS source CNN is the only media outlet not covering this breaking story on the nightly news. Which begs the question: SHOULD CNN SUSPEND THEMSELVES FOR THEIR ROLE IN COVERING FOR CHRIS?

  • Wayne Shilcock

    Cuomo may appeal this, so there could be litigation if he feels he's been hard done by. If not then he will be starting up a youtube channel, because it will be guaranteed he has a fan base to work from.

  • Sharon D

    Americans are fed up with the so called Left leaning MSM just as much as we are with the so called Right leaning MSM. Many see exactly what your agendas are. That's to keep Americans divided no matter how stupid and idiotic your reporting has to be. And you're keeping us divided on behalf of your owners/ masters. Which are the Powerful and Wealthy Corporate Cartels and Govt officials.
    You SAY ANYTHING to keep tempers flared and hostility strong between the people. Because God help Them if we ever stop fighting each other and turn our anger towards our real enemies. The Elitists.

  • mychael c

    speak truth to power means she will tell a damn lie in a minute…and has been shown in the past…she came from 1 of those lying networks…aint nothing changed

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